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HEBREW: 6318 rpyjwp Powtiyphar
NAVE: Potiphar
EBD: Potiphar
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In Bible versions:

a man who bought Joseph; captain of Pharaoh's guard

bull of Africa; a fat bull
Arts Topics: At Potiphar's


Strongs #06318: rpyjwp Powtiyphar

Potiphar = "belonging to the sun"

1) an officer of Pharaoh, chief of the executioners, and the master
to whom Joseph was sold as a slave

6318 Powtiyphar po-tee-far'

of Egyptian derivation: Potiphar, an Egyptian:-Potiphar.

Potiphar [EBD]

dedicated to Ra; i.e., to the sun-god, the Egyptian to whom the Ishmaelites sold Joseph (Gen. 39:1). He was "captain of the guard", i.e., chief, probably, of the state police, who, while they formed part of the Egyptian army, were also largely employed in civil duties (37:36; marg., "chief of the executioners"). Joseph, though a foreigner, gradually gained his confidence, and became overseer over all his possessions. Believing the false accusation which his profligate wife brought against Joseph, Potiphar cast him into prison, where he remained for some years. (See JOSEPH.)

Potiphar [NAVE]

POTIPHAR, an officer of Pharaoh. Joseph's master, Gen. 37:36; 39:1.


an Egyptian name, also written Potipherah, signifies belonging to the sun . Potiphar. with whom the history of Joseph is connected is described as an officer of Pharaoh chief of the executioners, an Egyptian." (Genesis 39:1) comp. Genesis37:36 (B.C. 1728.) He appears to have been a wealthy man. (Genesis 39:4-6) The view we have of Potiphar?s household is exactly in accordance with the representations on the monuments. When Joseph was accused, his master contented himself with casting him into prison. (Genesis 39:19,20) After this we hear no more of Potiphar. [JOSEPH]


POTIPHAR - pot'-i-far (poTiphar; compare Egyptian Potiphera (Gen 39:1 f)): A high Egyptian official who became the master of Joseph. It is particularly mentioned that he was an Egyptian, i.e. one of the native Egyptian officials at the Hyksos court.

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