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Porch [NAVE]

See: Temple.


  1. Ulam , or ulam . (1 Chronicles 28:11)
  2. Misderon ulam , (Judges 3:23) strictly a vestibule, was probably a sort of veranda chamber in the works of Solomon, open in front and at the sides, but capable of being enclosed with awnings or curtains. The porch, (Matthew 26:71) may have been the passage from the street into the first court of the house, in which, in eastern houses, is the mastabah or stone bench, for the porter or persons waiting, and where also the master of the house often receives visitors and transacts business.


PORCH - porch: Chiefly in the Old Testament 'alam, used of the temples of Solomon and Ezekiel (see TEMPLE); once micderon, a "vestibule," in Jdg 3:23. In the New Testament, the word occurs in connection with the high priest's palace (Mt 26:71, pulon; Mk 14:68, proaulion), and as the rendering of stoa, a "portico," in Jn 5:2 (pool of Bethesda); and Jn 10:23; Acts 3:11; 5:12.


Also see definition of "Porch" in Word Study

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