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HEBREW: 6516 Mywrp Parvayim
NAVE: Parvaim
EBD: Parvaim
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In Bible versions:

a region, perhaps in southern Arabia, where gold is found (OS)


Strongs #06516: Mywrp Parvayim

Parvaim = "oriental regions"

1) a region known for its gold output, perhaps in Arabia

6516 Parvayim par-vah'-yim

of foreign origin; Parvajim, an Oriental region:-Parvaim.

Parvaim [EBD]

the name of a country from which Solomon obtained gold for the temple (2 Chr. 3:6). Some have identified it with Ophir, but it is uncertain whether it is even the name of a place. It may simply, as some think, denote "Oriental regions."

Parvaim [NAVE]

PARVAIM, an unknown gold region, 2 Chr. 3:6.


(Oriental regions), the name of an unknown place or country whence the gold was procured for the decoration of Solomon?s temple. (2 Chronicles 3:6) We may notice the conjecture that it is derived from the Sanscrit purva , "eastern," and is a general term for the east.


PARVAIM - par-va'-im (parwayim; Septuagint Pharouaim): The word occurs only in 2 Ch 3:6, as the place from which Solomon obtained gold for the decoration of his Temple. A derivation is given from the Sanskrit purva, "eastern," so that the name might be a vague term for the East (Gesenius, Thesaurus, 1125). Whether there was such a place in arabia is doubtful. Farwa in Yemen has been suggested, and also Saq el Farwain in Yemamah. Some have considered the name a shortened form of Cepharvayim which occurs in the Syriac and Targum Jonathan for the "Sephar" of Gen 10:30.

A. S. Fulton

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