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PARK - park (pardec; Septuagint paradeisos; compare Arabic firdaus): "I made me gardens and parks," the King James Version "orchards" (Eccl 2:5); "Asaph the keeper of the king's forest," the Revised Version margin "park" (Neh 2:8). The same word occurs in Song 4:13, "Thy shoots are an orchard (the Revised Version margin "paradise") of pomegranates." according to Liddell and Scott, paradeisos occurs first in Xenophon, who always uses it of the parks of Persian kings and noblemen. Like many other quadriliterals the word is undoubtedly of eastern origin. It seems to connote an enclosure. It is used in Septuagint of the Garden of Eden. Compare Lk 23:43; 2 Cor 12:4; Rev 2:7.


Alfred Ely Day

Also see definition of "Park" in Word Study

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