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HEBREW: 6307 Ndp Paddan
NAVE: Paddan Aram
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In Bible versions:

Paddan Aram: NET NIV
Paddan-Aram: AVS TEV
Paddan-aram: NRSV NASB
the plains region between and around the Tigris and Euphrates
the extreme upper end of Mesopotamia inhabited by the Arameans
Google Maps: Paddan (36° 51´, 39° 1´); Paddan-aram (36° 51´, 39° 1´)


Strongs #06307: Ndp Paddan

Padan or Padan-aram = "field"

1) a plain or tableland in northern Mesopotamia in Aram, a region
of Syria

6307 Paddan pad-dawn'

from an unused root meaning to extend; a plateau; or Paddan
pAram {pad-dan' ar-awm'}; from the same and 758; the
table-land of Aram; Paddan or Paddan-Aram, a region of
Syria:-Padan, Padan-aram.
see HEBREW for 0758

Paddan Aram [NAVE]

Gen. 25:20; 28:2, 5, 6, 7; 31:18; 33:18; 35:9, 26; 46:15 See also Padan-aram.


PADDAN - pad'-an (Gen 48:7; the King James Version Padan, padan). See next article.


PADDAN-ARAM - pad'-an-a'-ram or p.-ar'-am (paddan 'aram; Septuagint Mesopotamia tes Surias; the King James Version Padan-aram): In Gen 48:7, Paddan stands alone, but as the Septuagint, Sam, and Peshitta read "Aram" also, it must in this verse have dropped out of the Massoretic Text. In the time of Abraham, padanu occurs on the Babylonian contract-tablets as a land measure, to which we may compare the Arabic feddan or "ox-gang." In the Assyrian syllabaries it is the equivalent of iklu, "a field," so that Paddan-aram would mean "the field of Aram," and with this we may compare Hos 12:12 (Hebrew 12:13) and the use of the Hebrew sadheh in connection with Moab and Edom (Jdg 5:4; Ruth 1:6).

Furthermore, [`padanu] and harranu are given as synonyms with the meaning of "road."

Paddan-aram occurs only in the Priestly Code (P), but it corresponds to the "Haran" of the older documents. The versions agree in translating both as Mesopotamia, and identify with the home of the patriarchs and the scene of Jacob's exile the district of Haran to the East of the Upper Euphrates valley. More in harmony with the length of Jacob's flight, as indicated by the time given (Gen 31:22,23), is Harran-el-`Awamid, an ancient site 10 miles to the East of Damascus, which satisfies all the demands of history.


W .M. Christie

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