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HEBREW: 4137 hdlwm Mowladah
NAVE: Moladah
EBD: Moladah
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In Bible versions:

a town in southern Judah belonging to the tribe of Simeon

birth; generation
Google Maps: Moladah (31° 9´, 35° 3´)


Strongs #04137: hdlwm Mowladah

Moladah = "birth" or "race"

1) a town in the south of Canaan allocated to Judah then reallocated
to Simeon

4137 Mowladah mo-law-daw'

from 3205; birth; Moladah, a place in Palestine:-Moladah.
see HEBREW for 03205

Moladah [EBD]

birth, a city in the south of Judah which fell to Simeon (Josh. 15:21-26; 19:2). It has been identified with the modern el-Milh, 10 miles east of Beersheba.

Moladah [NAVE]

Josh. 15:26; 19:2; 1 Chr. 4:28; Neh. 11:26


(birth, race), a city of Judah, one of those which lay in the district of "the south." (Joshua 15:26; 19:2) In the latter tribe it remained at any rate till the reign of David, (1 Chronicles 4:28) but by the time of the captivity it seems to have come back into the hands of Judah, by whom it was reinhabited after the captivity. (Nehemiah 11:26) It may be placed at el-Milh , which is about 4 English miles from Tell Arad , 17 or 18 from Hebron, and 9 or 10 due east of Beersheba.


MOLADAH - mol'-a-da, mo-la'-da (moladhah; Molada): A place in the far south (Negebh) of Judah, toward Edom (Josh 15:26), reckoned to Simeon (Josh 19:2; 1 Ch 4:28). It was repopulated after the captivity (Neh 11:26). It is mentioned always in close proximity to Beersheba. Moladah is probably identical with Malatha, a city in Idumea to which Agrippa at one time withdrew himself (Josephus, Ant, XVIII, vi, 2). The site of this latter city has by Robinson and others been considered to be the ruins and wells of Tell el-Milch, some 13 miles to the East of Beersheba and some 7 miles Southwest of Arad. The chief difficulty is the statement of Eusebius and Jerome that Malatha was "by Jattir," i.e. `Attir; if this is correct the Tell el-Milch is impossible, as it is 10 miles from `Attir, and we have no light at all on the site. See SALT, CITY OF. For Tell el-Milch see PEF, III, 415-16, Sh XXV.

E. W. G. Masterman

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