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In Bible versions:

a Levite gatekeeper in David's time (Asaph Kore)

peace, or perfection, of the Lord


Strongs #04920: hymlvm M@shelemyah or whymlvm M@shelemyahuw

Meshelemiah = "whom Jehovah repays"

1) a Korhite Levite porter or gatekeeper of the house of God in the time
of David

4920 Mshelemyah mesh-eh-lem-yaw'

or Mshelemyahuw {mesh-eh-lem-yaw'-hoo}; from 7999 and 3050;
ally of Jah; Meshelemjah, an Israelite:-Meshelemiah.
see HEBREW for 07999
see HEBREW for 03050

Meshelemiah [EBD]

friendship of Jehovah, a Levite of the family of the Korhites, called also Shelemiah (1 Chr. 9:21; 26:1, 2, 9, 14). He was a temple gate-keeper in the time of David.

Meshelemiah [NAVE]

MESHELEMIAH, a gatekeeper of the temple, 1 Chr. 9:21; 26:1, 2, 9.


(whom Jehovah repays), a Korhite porter or gate-keeper of the house of Jehovah in the reign of David. (1 Chronicles 9:21; 26:1,2,9)


MESHELEMIAH - me-shel-e-mi'-a (meshelemyah, "Yah repays"): Father of Zechariah, one of the porters of the tabernacle (1 Ch 9:21; 26:1,2,9). In the latter passage Meshelemiah, with a final "-u", is credited with "sons and brethren, valiant men, 18." He is the "Shelemiah" of 1 Ch 26:14, the "Shallum" of 1 Ch 9:17,19,31, and the "Meshullam" of Neh 12:25.

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