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HEBREW: 4012 ynbm M@bunnay
EBD: Mebunnai
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In Bible versions:

the Hushathite man who was a body guard of king David

son; building; understanding


Strongs #04012: ynbm M@bunnay

Mebunnai = "building of Jehovah"

1) one of David's mighty warriors
1a) also 'Sibbechai' or 'Sibbecai'

4012 Mbunnay meb-oon-hah'-ee

from 1129; built up; Mebunnai, an Israelite:-Mebunnai.
see HEBREW for 01129

Mebunnai [EBD]

construction, building of Jehovah, one of David's bodyguard (2 Sam. 23:27; comp. 21:18); called Sibbechai and Sibbecai (1 Chr. 11:29; 27:11).


(building of Jehovah). In this form appears, In one passage only --2Sam 23:27 --The name of one of David?s guard, who is elsewhere called SIBBECHAI, (2 Samuel 21:18; 1 Chronicles 20:4) or SIBBECAI, (1 Chronicles 11:29; 27:11) in the Authorized Version.


MEBUNNAI - me-bun'-i, me-bun'-a-i (mebhunnay, "well-built"): One of David's "braves" (2 Sam 23:27). In 2 Sam 21:18 he is named "Sibbechai" (the Revised Version (British and American) "Sibbecai"), and is there mentioned as the slayer of a Philistine giant. The Revised Version (British and American) spelling occurs in 1 Ch 11:29, the King James Version "Sibbechai" in 1 Ch 20:4 (compare 2 Sam 21:18); and in 1 Ch 27:11 the Revised Version (British and American) spelling recurs, where this person is mentioned as captain of the 8th course of the 12 monthly courses that served the king in rota. Scribal error, and the similarity in Hebrew spelling of the two forms accounts for the difference in spelling. the Revised Version (British and American) consistently tries to keep this right.

Henry Wallace

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