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HEBREW: 4440 ylayklm Malkiy'eliy
NAVE: Malchielites
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In Bible versions:

Malkielites: NET
Malchielites: AVS NRSV NASB TEV
Malkielite: NIV
members of the clan of Malchiel


Strongs #04440: ylayklm Malkiy'eliy

Malchielites = Malchiel "my king is God"

1) an Asherite and a descendant of Malchiel, the grandson of Asher

4440 Malkiy'eliy mal-kee-ay-lee'

patronymical from 4439; a Malkielite or descendant of
see HEBREW for 04439

Malchielites [NAVE]

See: Malchiel.


MALCHIELITES - mal'-ki-el-its (malki'eli): Descendants of Malchiel (Nu 26:45).

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