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HEBREW: 4068 Nwdm Madown
NAVE: Madon
EBD: Madon
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In Bible versions:

a town of Canaanites in Naphtali

a chiding; a garment; his measure
Google Maps: Madon (32° 47´, 35° 27´)


Strongs #04068: Nwdm Madown

Madon = "strife"

1) one of the principal cities of Canaan who joined Jabin and his
confederates in their battle against Joshua at the waters of Merom
and were defeated

4068 Madown maw-dohn'

the same as 4067; Madon, a place in Palestine:-Madon.
see HEBREW for 04067

Madon [EBD]

strife, a Canaanitish city in the north of Palestine (Josh. 11:1; 12:19), whose king was slain by Joshua; perhaps the ruin Madin, near Hattin, some 5 miles west of Tiberias.

Madon [NAVE]

MADON, a Canaanite city, Josh. 11:1; 12:19.


(strife) one of the principal cities of Canaan before the conquest, probably in the north. Its king joined Jabin and his confederates in their attempt against Joshua at the waters of Xierom, and like the rest was killed. (Joshua 11:1; 12:19)


MADON - ma'-don (madhon; Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus Marrhon; Codex Alexandrinus Madon (Josh 11:1); Codex Vaticanus Marmoth; Codex Alexandrinus Maron (Josh 12:19)): A royal city of the Canaanites named along with Hazor of Galilee. El-Medineh, "the city," on the heights West of the Sea of Galilee, with which it might possibly be identified, probably dates only from Moslem times. It seems likely that the common confusion of the Hebrew letter daleth ("d") for the Hebrew letter resh ("r") has occurred, and that we should read "Maron." The place may be then identified with Meiron, a village with ancient ruins and rock tombs at the foot of Jebel Jermuk, a little to the Northwest of Safed.

W. Ewing

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