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In Bible versions:

Maacathite: NET AVS NIV TEV
Maacathites: NET NIV NRSV NASB
son of Reumah and Nahor, brother of Abraham
wife of King David; daughter of Talmai, King of Geshur
a town and region of Arameans on the NE border of Israel (OS)
a town and region east of the city of Dan
father of Achish, king of Gath
daughter of Absalom; wife of Rehoboam; mother of king Abijam
concubine of Caleb son of Hezron
daughter of Manasseh, sister of Machir
wife of Machir; descendant of Iri of Benjamin
wife of Jeiel of Gibeon
father of Hanan, one of David's military elite
father of Shephatiah, chief of the tribe of Simeon under David
members of the clan of Maacah
member(s) of the clan of Maacah

pressed down; worn; fastened
Google Maps: Maacah (33° 12´, 36° 30´); Maacath (33° 12´, 36° 30´)


Strongs #04602: ytkem Ma`akathiy

Maachathite = "pressure (literally she has pressed)"

1) used of one of David's mighty warriors
2) used of an associate of Ishmael
3) a people dwelling in Transjordan, probably descendants of Maachah

4602 Ma`akathiy mah-ak-aw-thee'

patrial from 4601; a Maakathite, or inhabitant of
see HEBREW for 04601

Strongs #04601: hkem Ma`akah or tkem Ma`akath (\\#Jos 13:13\\)

Maachah = "oppression"

n pr m
1) father of Achish, king of Gath at the beginning of Solomon's reign
2) father of Hanan, one of David's mighty warriors
3) a Simeonite, father of Shephatiah, prince of his tribe in the
reign of David
4) son of Nahor by concubine Reumah

n pr f
5) daughter of king Talmai of Geshur, wife or David, and mother of Absalom
6) daughter of Absalom, wife of king Rehoboam of Judah, and mother of
king Abijam of Judah
7) concubine of Caleb the son of Hezron
8) wife of Machir of the tribe of Manasseh
9) wife of Jehiel, father of Gibeon

Maachathites = "pressure (literally she has pressed)"

n pr
10) a mercenary people hired to fight David

4601 Ma`akah mah-ak-aw'

or Mamakath (Josh. 13:13) {mah-ak-awth'}; from 4600;
depression; Maakah (or Maakath), the name of a place in Syria,
also of a Mesopotamian, of three Israelites, and of four
Israelitesses and one Syrian woman:-Maachah, Maachathites.
See also 1038.
see HEBREW for 04600
see HEBREW for 01038

Maachah [EBD]

oppression, a small Syrian kingdom near Geshur, east of the Hauran, the district of Batanea (Josh. 13:13; 2 Sam. 10:6,8; 1 Chr. 19:7).

(2.) A daughter of Talmai, king of the old native population of Geshur. She became one of David's wives, and was the mother of Absalom (2 Sam. 3:3).

(3.) The father of Hanan, who was one of David's body-guard (1 Chr. 11:43).

(4.) The daughter of Abishalom (called Absalom, 2 Chr. 11:20-22), the third wife of Rehoboam, and mother of Abijam (1 Kings 15:2). She is called "Michaiah the daughter of Uriel," who was the husband of Absalom's daughter Tamar (2 Chr. 13:2). Her son Abijah or Abijam was heir to the throne.

(5.) The father of Achish, the king of Gath (1 Kings 2:39), called also Maoch (1 Sam. 27:2).

Maacath [NAVE]

See: Maachah.

Maacathites [NAVE]

See: Maachah.

Maachah [NAVE]

1. Son of Nahor, Gen. 22:24.
2. Called also Maacah. Mother of Absalom, 2 Sam. 3:3; 1 Chr. 3:2.
3. Called also Maoch. Father of Achish, 1 Sam. 27:2; 1 Kin. 2:39.
4. Called also Michaiah. Mother of Abijam and grandmother of Asa, 1 Kin. 15:2, 10-13; 2 Chr. 11:20-23; 13:2; 15:16.
5. Wife of Machir, 1 Chr. 7:15, 16.
6. Concubine of Caleb, 1 Chr. 2:48.
7. Wife of Jehiel, 1 Chr. 8:29; 9:35.
8. Father of Hanan, 1 Chr. 11:43.
9. Father of Shephatiah, 1 Chr. 27:16.
10. Called also Maacah and Maachathi. A small kingdom E. of Bashan, Deut. 3:14; Josh. 12:5; 2 Sam. 10:6, 8; 1 Chr. 19:6, 7.


  1. The mother of Absalom; also called MAACHAH. (2 Samuel 3:3)
  2. Maacah, or (in (1 Chronicles 19:6,7)) Maachah, a small kingdom in close proximity to Palestine which appears to have lain outside Argob, (3:14) and Bashun. (Joshua 12:5) The Ammonite war was the only occasion on which the Maacathites came into contact with Israel when their king assisted the Ammonites against Joab with a force which he led himself. (2 Samuel 10:6,8; 1 Chronicles 19:7)


  1. The daughter of Nahor by his concubine Beumah. (Genesis 22:24)
  2. The father of Achish who was king of Gath at the beginning of Solomon?s reign. (1 Kings 2:39)
  3. The daughter, or more probably granddaughter, of Absalom named after his mother; the third and favorite wife of Rehoboam, and mother of Abijah. (1 Kings 15:22; 2 Chronicles 11:20-22) The mother of Abijah is elsewhere called "Michaiah the daughter of Uriel of Gibeah." (2 Chronicles 13:2) During the reign of her grandson Asa she occupied at the court of Judah the high position of "king?s mother," comp. (1 Kings 15:13) but when he came of age she was removed because of her idolatrous habits. (2 Chronicles 15:16)
  4. The concubine of Caleb the son of Hezron. (1 Chronicles 2:48)
  5. The daughter of Talmai king of Geshur, and mother of Absalom (1 Chronicles 3:2) also called Maacah in Authorized Version of (2 Samuel 3:3)
  6. The wife of Machir the Manassite. (1 Chronicles 7:15,16)
  7. The wife of Jehiel, father or founder of Gibeon. (1 Chronicles 8:20; 9:35)
  8. The father of Hanan, one of the heroes of David body-guard. (2 Chronicles 11:43)
  9. A Simeonite, father of Sephatiah, prince of his tribe in the reign of David. (1 Chronicles 27:16)


MAACAH - ma'-a-ka (ma`akhah; Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus Mocha; Codex Alexandrinus Maacha): A small Syrian kingdom adjoining that of Geshur on the western border of Bashan, the inhabitants of which are called Maachathites (the Revised Version (British and American) "Maacathites"), whose territory was taken by Jair (Dt 3:14; Josh 12:5). The border of the Geshurites and the Maacathites and all Mt. Hermon were given to the half-tribe of Manasseh (Josh 13:11). The inhabitants of these kingdoms, however, were not driven out by Israel (Josh 13:13), and at a later day the children of Ammon hired mercenaries from Maacah for their encounter with David. The armies met near Medeba when the "Syrians" from Maacah found themselves opposed to Joab. That famous captain completely routed them (2 Sam 10:6 ff the Septuagint has "Amalek"). In 1 Ch 19:6 it is called Aram-maacah, Syria-maachah (the King James Version); and in 1 Ch 2:23 "Aram" appears instead of "Maacah."

It evidently lay between Geshur on the South and Hermon on the North, being probably bounded by Jordan on the West, although no certain indication of boundaries is now possible. They would thus be hemmed in by Israel, which accounts for `Geshur and Maacath dwell in the midst of Israel" (Josh 13:13).It is possible that Abel-beth-maacah may have been a colony founded by men from Maacah.

W. Ewing


MAACAH; MAACHAH - ma'-a-ka (ma`akhah):

(1) Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus Mocha; Codex Alexandrinus Mocha, daughter of Nahor, borne to him by Reumah (Gen 22:24).

(2) Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus Maacha; Codex Alexandrinus Maachath, the one wife of David who was of royal rank, the daughter of Talmai, king of Geshur, who became the mother of Absalom (2 Sam 3:3; 1 Ch 3:2).

(3) Maacha, father of Achish, king of Gath (1 Ki 2:39). He is probably referred to as "Maoch" in 1 Sam 27:2.

(4) The daughter of Absalom, the favorite wife of Rehoboam, and mother of Abijah (1 Ki 15:2; 2 Ch 11:20, etc.). Evidently "daughter" must here be understood as "granddaughter," according to a common oriental usage. Tamar was the only daughter of Absalom. If Tamar married Uriel of Gibeah (2 Ch 13:2), then Maacah was her daughter. In that case the name Micaiah in this passage would be either a copyist's error or a variant of Maacah. She must have been a woman of strong personality. Unfortunately, her influence was cast upon the side of idolatry. She maintained her position in the palace, however, till the reign of her grandson Asa. Possibly she acted as regent during his minority. Ultimately, she was degraded by him for an act of peculiar infamy (1 Ki 15:13; 2 Ch 15:16).

(5) Concubine of Caleb, son of Hezron (1 Ch 2:48).

(6) Sister of Huppim and Shuppim the Benjamites, who became the wife of Machir the Manassite, the "father" of Gilead (1 Ch 7:12,15 f).

(7) Wife of Jeiel, the "father" of Gibeon, an ancestress of King Saul (1 Ch 8:29; 9:35).

(8) Father of Hanan, one of David's mighty men (1 Ch 11:43).

(9) Father of Shephatiah, ruler of the Simeonites under David (1 Ch 27:16).

W. Ewing


MAACATHITES - ma-ak'-a-thits (~hama`akhathi]; Septuagint: Codex Vaticanus ho Machatei; Codex Alexandrinus Machathi): Mentioned in Scripture are Ahasbai M (2 Sam 23:34), Jaazaniah (2 Ki 25:23), Naham (1 Ch 4:19) and Jezaniah (Jer 40:8). See preceding article.

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