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EBD: Lamentation
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Lamentation [EBD]

(Heb. qinah), an elegy or dirge. The first example of this form of poetry is the lament of David over Saul and Jonathan (2 Sam. 1:17-27). It was a frequent accompaniment of mourning (Amos 8:10). In 2 Sam. 3:33, 34 is recorded David's lament over Abner. Prophecy sometimes took the form of a lament when it predicted calamity (Ezek. 27:2, 32; 28:12; 32:2, 16).


LAMENTATION - lam-en-ta'-shun.

See BURIAL, III, 2; IV, 4, 5, 6.

Also see definition of "Lamentation" in Word Study

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