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HEBREW: 3696 rbt tlok Kicloth Tabor
NAVE: Chisloth-Tabor
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In Bible versions:

Kisloth: NET NIV
Chisloth-Tabor: AVS TEV
Chisloth-tabor: NRSV NASB
a town in the west plain of Tabor

fears; purity
Google Maps: Chisloth-tabor (32° 40´, 35° 19´)


Strongs #03696: rbt tlok Kicloth Tabor

Chisloth-tabor = "flanks of Tabor"

1) a town of Issachar on the slopes of Mount Tabor; also 'Chesulloth'

3696 Kicloth Tabor kis-loth' taw-bore'

from the feminine plural of 3689 and 8396; flanks of Tabor;
Kisloth-Tabor, a place in Palestine:-Chisloth- tabor.
see HEBREW for 03689
see HEBREW for 08396

Chisloth-Tabor [NAVE]

A place on the border of Zebulun, Josh. 19:12.
Called Tabor, 1 Chr. 6:77.
Probably same as Chesulloth, Josh. 19:18.


CHISLOTH-TABOR - kis-loth-ta'-bor, kiz'-loth.


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