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In Bible versions:

Hezronites: NET AVS NASB TEV
Kerioth Hezron: NET NIV
Kerioth-Hezron: AVS TEV
Hezronite: NIV
Kerioth-hezron: NRSV NASB
a son of Perez; the father of Ram; an ancestor of Jesus.
son of Perez of Judah
son of Reuben son of Israel
a town of south Judah a few kilometers west of Kadesh Barnea
members of the clan of Hezron of Reuben
a town of south-eastern Judah 20 km south of Hebron (OS)

the dart of joy; the division of the song
Google Maps: Hezron (33° 1´, 35° 34´); Kerioth-hezron (31° 9´, 35° 3´)


Strongs #2074: Esrwm Esrom

Esrom or Hezron or Hesron = "enclosed"

1) the son of Reuben, and ancestor of the Hezronites

2074 Esrom es-rome

of Hebrew origin (2696); Esrom (i.e. Chetsron), an Israelite:-Esrom.
see HEBREW for 02696


Strongs #02696: Nwrux Chetsrown

Hezron = "surrounded by a wall"

n pr m
1) a son of Reuben
2) a son of Pharez and grandson of Judah

n pr loc
3) a place in the extreme south of Judah

2696 Chetsrown khets-rone'

from 2691; court-yard; Chetsron, the name of a place in
Palestine; also of two Israelites:-Hezron.
see HEBREW for 02691

Strongs #02697: ynwrux Chetsrowniy

Hezronites = see Hezron "enclosed" or "division of song"

1) a descendant of Hezron

2697 Chetsrowniy khets-ro-nee'

patronymically from 2696; a Chetsronite or (collectively)
descendants of Chetsron:-Hezronites.
see HEBREW for 02696

Strongs #07152: twyrq Q@riyowth

Kerioth = "cities"

1) a town in the southern district of Judah
2) a city in Moab

7152 Qriyowth ker-ee-yoth'

plural of 7151; buildings; Kerioth, the name of two places in
Palestine:-Kerioth, Kirioth.
see HEBREW for 07151

Hezron [EBD]

enclosed. (1.) One of the sons of Reuben (Gen. 46:9; Ex. 6:14). (2.) The older of the two sons of Pharez (Gen. 46:12). (3.) A plain in the south of Judah, west of Kadesh-barnea (Josh. 15:3).

Hezron [NAVE]

1. Son of Pharez, Gen. 46:12.
Ancestor of the Hezronites, Num. 26:6, 21; 1 Chr. 2:5, 9, 18, 21, 24.
2. A son of Reuben, Gen. 46:9; Ex. 6:14; 1 Chr. 4:1; 5:3.
Descendants of, called Hezronites, Num. 26:6.

Hezronites [NAVE]

See: Hezron.


(surrounded by a wall).
  1. A son of Reuben. (Genesis 46:9; Exodus 6:14)
  2. A son of Pharez. (Genesis 46:12; Ruth 4:18)


(descendants of Hezron), The.
  1. Descendants of Hezron the son of Reuben. (Numbers 26:6)
  2. A branch of the tribe of Judah, descendants of Hezron the son of Pharez. (Numbers 26:21)


HEZRON (1) - hez'-ron (chetsron, and chetsron; Septuagint Asron):

(1) A son of Reuben (Gen 46:9; Ex 6:14), and head of the family of the Hezronites (Nu 26:6).

(2) A son of Perez, and grandson of Judah (Gen 46:12; Nu 26:21; 1 Ch 2:5,9,18,21,24,25; 4:1), a direct ancestor of David (Ruth 4:18 f). He appears also in the genealogy of our Lord (Esrom) (Mt 1:3; Lk 3:33).


HEZRON (2) - (chetsron, "enclosure"): On the South boundary of Judah between "Kadesh-barnea" and "Addar" (Josh 15:3); in the parallel passage (Nu 34:4) "Hazar-addar." The two places may have been near together. Conder suggests that the name survives in Jebel Hadhireh, a mountain Northwest of Petra in the Tih.


HEZRONITES - hez'-ron-its (ha-chetsrowni and ha-chetsroni; Septuagint ho Asronei): The name of the descendants of Hezron the son of Reuben (Nu 26:6), and of the descendants of Hezron the son of Perez (Nu 26:21).


KERIOTH-HEZRON - ke'-ri-oth-hez'-ron (qeriyoth chetsron; Josh 15:25 says, "The same is Hazor"; the King James Version "Kerioth and Hezron which is Hazor"): One of the cities in the "south" of Judah. Robinson (BR, II, 101) identifies it with the ruined site of Kuryatain, 4 1/2 miles North of Tell `Arad. It has been suggested that Kerioth was the birth place of JUDAS ISCARIOT (which see). Compare KERIOTH, 2.

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