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HEBREW: 3501 arty Yithra' 3500 rty Yether
NAVE: Ithra Jether
EBD: Jether
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In Bible versions:

the Ishmaelite father of Amasa the general of Absalom's army
son of Gideon, the judge
an Ishmaelite man married to Abigail, David's sister; father of Amasa
son of Jadah of Judah
son of Ezrah a descendant of Judah
father of some of David's military elite of the tribe of Asher

he that excels


Strongs #03501: arty Yithra'

Ithra = "abundance"

1) father of Amasa, the commander of Absalom's army; also 'Jether'

3501 Yithra' yith-raw'

by variation for 3502; Jithra, an Israelite (or
see HEBREW for 03502

Strongs #03500: rty Yether

Jether = "abundance"

1) father-in-law of Moses
2) oldest son of Gideon
3) father of Jephunneh and the chief of a line of warriors of the
line of Asher
4) father of Amasa, the commander of Absalom's army
5) son of Jada, a descendant of Hezron, of the tribe of Judah
6) a son of Ezra, a Judaite

3500 Yether yeh'-ther

the same as 3499; Jether, the name of five or six Israelites
and of one Midianite:-Jether, Jethro. Compare 3503.
see HEBREW for 03499
see HEBREW for 03503

Jether [EBD]

surplus; excellence. (1.) Father-in-law of Moses (Ex. 4:18 marg.), called elsewhere Jethro (q.v.).

(2.) The oldest of Gideon's seventy sons (Judg. 8:20).

(3.) The father of Amasa, David's general (1 Kings 2:5, 32); called Ithra (2 Sam. 17:25).

(4.) 1 Chr. 7:38.

(5.) 1 Chr. 2:32; one of Judah's posterity.

(6.) 1 Chr. 4:17.

Ithra [NAVE]

ITHRA, called also Jether. Father of Amasa, 2 Sam. 17:25; 1 Chr. 2:17.

Jether [NAVE]

1. Son of Gideon. Feared to slay the Midianite kings, Judg. 8:20.
2. An Ishmaelite who married David's sister, 1 Kin. 2:5, 32; 1 Chr. 2:17.
Called Ithra, 2 Sam. 17:25.
3. A son of Jada, 1 Chr. 2:32.
4. A son of Ezra, 1 Chr. 4:17.
5. A chief of the line of Asher, 1 Chr. 7:38.


(excellence), an Israelite, (2 Samuel 17:25) or Ishmaelite, (1 Chronicles 2:17) the father of Amasa by Abigail, David?s sister. (B.C. before 1023.)


(his excellence).
  1. Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses. (Exodus 4:18) (B.C. 1530.)
  2. The first-born of Gideon?s seventy sons. (Judges 8:20) (B.C. 1256.)
  3. The father of Amasa, captain-general of Absalom?s army. (B.C. 1023.) Jether is another form of ITHRA. (2 Samuel 17:25) He is described in (1 Chronicles 2:17) as an Ishmaelite, which again is more likely to be correct than the "Israelite" of the Hebrew in (2 Samuel 17:1) ...
  4. The son of Jada, a descendant of Hezron, of the tribe of Judah. (1 Chronicles 2:32)
  5. The son of Ezra. (1 Chronicles 2:32)
  6. The chief of a family of warriors of the line of Asher, and father of Jephunneh. (1 Chronicles 7:38) He is probably the same as ITHRAN in the preceding verse.


ITHRA - ith'-ra (yithra', "abundance"): The father of Amasa, commanding general in the rebel army of Absalom. It seems that his mother was Abigail, a sister or half-sister of King David (1 Ch 2:17). She is called the sister of Zeruiah, Joab's mother (2 Sam 17:25). In this same passage Ithra is called an "Israelite," but in 1 Ch 2:17; 1 Ki 2:5,32, we read: "Jether the Ishmaelite."


JETHER - je'-ther (yether, "abundance"):

(1) Ex 4:18 the Revised Version margin, King James Version, margin.


(2) Gideon's eldest son (Jdg 8:20), who was called upon by his father to slay Zebah and Zalmunnah, but "feared, because he was yet a youth." The narrative there (Jdg 8:4 ff) should be connected with that of Jdg 6:34, where Gideon is followed by his clan, and not with that of Jdg 7, where he has 300 picked men. The captives would be taken to Orpah, Gideon's home, and slain there.

(3) Father of Amasa (1 Ki 2:5,32); he was an Ishmaelite according to 1 Ch 2:17 = "Ithra, the Israelite" of 2 Sam 17:25, where "the Ishmaelite" should be read for "the Israelite."

(4) A Jerahmeelite (1 Ch 2:32 twice).

(5) A Judahite (1 Ch 4:17).

(6) A man of Asher (1 Ch 7:38) = "Ithran" of 1 Ch 7:37.

David Francis Roberts

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