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In Bible versions:

Jegar: NET NIV
Jegar-Sahaduthah: AVS TEV
Jegar-sahadutha: NRSV NASB
a monument of stones

heap of witness
Google Maps: Jegar-sahadutha (32° 33´, 36° 0´)


Strongs #03026: atwdhs rgy Y@gar Sahaduwtha' (Aramaic)

Jegar-sahadutha = "witness heap"

1) the mound of stones raised as witness between Jacob and Laban,
called by Jacob in Hebrew 'Galeed'

3026 Ygar Sahaduwtha' yegar' sah-had-oo-thaw'

(Aramaic) from a word derived from an unused root (meaning to
gather) and a derivation of a root corresponding to 7717; heap
of the testimony; Jegar-Sahadutha, a cairn East of the
see HEBREW for 07717

Jegar-sahadutha [EBD]

pile of testimony, the Aramaic or Syriac name which Laban gave to the pile of stones erected as a memorial of the covenant between him and Jacob (Gen. 31:47), who, however, called it in Hebrew by an equivalent name, Galeed (q.v.).

Jegar-sahadutha [NAVE]

JEGAR-SAHADUTHA, called also Galeed. A heap of stones on Mount Gilead, Gen. 31:47, 48.

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