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HEBREW: 3000 whykrby Y@berekyahuw
NAVE: Jeberechiah Jeberekiah
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In Bible versions:

Jeberekiah: NET NIV
Jeberechiah: AVS NRSV NASB TEV
father of Zechariah, who witnessed Jeremiah's prophesy

speaking well of, or kneeling to, the Lord


Strongs #03000: whykrby Y@berekyahuw

Jeberechiah = "Jehovah blesses"

1) father of a Zechariah, in the reign of Ahaz and time of Isaiah

3000 Yberekyahuw yeb-eh-rek-yaw'-hoo

from 1288 and 3050: blessed of Jah; Jeberekjah, an
see HEBREW for 01288
see HEBREW for 03050

Jeberechiah [NAVE]

JEBERECHIAH, father of Zechariah, Isa. 8:2.

Jeberekiah [NAVE]

See: Jeberechiah.


(whom Jehovah blesses), father of a certain Zechariah, in the reign of Ahaz, mentioned (Isaiah 8:2) (B.C. about 739.)


JEBERECHIAH - je-ber-e-ki'-a (yebherekhyahu, "Yah blesses"): The father of the Zechariah whom Isaiah (8:2) took as a witness of his prophecy against Syria and Ephraim (circa 734 BC).

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