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HEBREW: 3199 Nyky Yakiyn
NAVE: Jachin Jakin
EBD: Jachin
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In Bible versions:

Jakin: NET NIV
son of Simeon
a pillar of Solomon's temple
a priest leader of one of the first clans to return from exile
chief of a division of priests serving in David's sanctuary

he that strengthens and makes steadfast


Strongs #03199: Nyky Yakiyn

Jachin = "He will establish"

n pr m
1) the 4th son of Simeon and founder of the family of Jachinites
2) a priest and the head of the 21st course in the time of David
3) a post-exilic priest in the time of Nehemiah

n pr
4) name of the right-hand pillar before the temple

3199 Yakiyn yaw-keen'

from 3559; he (or it) will establish; Jakin, the name of
three Israelites and of a temple pillar:-Jachin.
see HEBREW for 03559

Jachin [EBD]

firm. (1.) The fourth son of Simeon (Gen. 46:10), called also Jarib (1 Chr. 4:24).

(2.) The head of one of the courses (the twenty-first) of priests (1 Chr. 24:17).

(3.) One of the priests who returned from the Exile (1 Chr. 9:10).

Jachin [NAVE]

1. Son of Simeon, Gen. 46:10; Ex. 6:15; Num. 26:12.
Called Jarib, 1 Chr. 4:24.
2. Name of a pillar, 1 Kin. 7:21; 2 Chr. 3:17.
See: Boaz.
3. A priest, who returned from exile to Jerusalem, 1 Chr. 9:10; Neh. 11:10.
4. A priest, head of one of the courses, 1 Chr. 24:17.

Jakin [NAVE]

See: Jachin.


(he shall establish).
  1. One of the two pillars which were set up "in the porch," (1 Kings 7:21) or before the temple. (2 Chronicles 3:17) of Solomon. [BOAZ]
  2. Fourth son of Simeon, (Genesis 46:10; Exodus 6:15) founder of the family of the Jachinites. (Numbers 26:12)
  3. Head of the twenty-first course of priests in the time of David. (1 Chronicles 9:10; 24:17; Nehemiah 11:10)


JACHIN - ja'-kin (yakhin, "he will establish"):

(1) The 4th son of Simeon (Gen 46:10; Ex 6:15; Nu 26:12). In 1 Ch 4:24 his name is given as "Jarib" (compare the King James Version margin, the Revised Version margin). "Jachinites," the patronymic of the family, occurs in Nu 26:12.

(2) Head of the 21st course of priests in the time of David (1 Ch 24:17). It is used as a family name in 1 Ch 9:10, and as such also in Neh 11:10, where some of the course are included in the list of those who, having returned from Babylon, willingly accepted the decision of the lot, and abandoned their rural retreats to become citizens and guardians of Jerusalem (Nah 11:1 f).

James Crichton

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