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HEBREW: 3430 bnb wbvy Yishbow b@-Nob
NAVE: Ishbi-benob
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In Bible versions:

Ishbi-Benob: NET AVS NIV TEV
Ishbi-benob: NRSV NASB
a Philistine giant who attacked David

respiration; conversion; taking captive


Strongs #03430: bnb wbvy Yishbow b@-Nob

Ishbi-benob = "his dwelling is in Nob"

1) son of Rapha, one of the nation of Philistine giants who attacked
David in battle and was slain by Abishai

3430 Yishbow b-Nob yish-bo'beh-nobe

from 3427 and 5011, with a pronominal suffix and a
preposition interposed; his dwelling (is) in Nob;
Jishbo-be-Nob, a Philistine:-Ishbi-benob (from the margin).
see HEBREW for 03427
see HEBREW for 05011

Ishbi-benob [NAVE]

ISHBI-BENOB, a giant warrior slain by Abishai, 2 Sam. 21:16.


ISHBI-BENOB - ish-bi-be'-nob (yishbi bhenobh): One of the four "born to the giant in Gath" who were slain by David and his men (2 Sam 21:15-22). Ishbi-benob was slain by Abishai, and David's life saved by the act (21:16,17).

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