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HEBREW: 3317 la-xtpy Yiphtach-'el
NAVE: Iphtah El
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Iphtah El

In Bible versions:

Iphtah El: NET NIV
Iphtahel: AVS NASB TEV
Iphtah-el: NRSV
a valley between the territories of Zebulun and Asher (OS)


Strongs #03317: la-xtpy Yiphtach-'el

Jiphthah-el = "God opens"

1) a valley between Zebulun and Asher; location uncertain

3317 Yiphtach-'el yif-tach-ale'

from 6605 and 410; God will open; Jiphtach-el, a place in
see HEBREW for 06605
see HEBREW for 0410

Iphtah El [NAVE]

See: Jiphthah-el.


IPHTAH-EL - if'-ta-el (yiphtach-'el; the King James Version Jiphtah-el): The valley of Iphtah-el lay on the North border of Zebulun (Josh 19:14,27). Northwest of the plain of el-Battauf stands a steep hill, connected only by a low saddle with the hills on the North. The name Tell Jefat suggests the Jotapata of Josephus (BJ, III, vi, i; vii, i, etc.), and the place answers well to his description. It probably corresponds to the ancient Iphtah-el. In that case the valley is most probably that which begins at Tell Jefat, passes round the South of Jebel Kaukab, and, as Wady 'Abellin, opens on the plain of Acre.

W. Ewing

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