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HEBREW: 2773 Mynrx Choronayim
NAVE: Horonaim
EBD: Horonaim
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In Bible versions:

a town and the road to it

angers; ragings
Google Maps: Horonaim (31° 17´, 35° 30´)


Strongs #02773: Mynrx Choronayim

Horonaim = "two caves"

1) a town of Moab

2773 Choronayim kho-ro-nah'-yim

dual of a derivative from 2356; double cave-town; Choronajim,
a place in Moab:-Horonaim.
see HEBREW for 02356

Horonaim [EBD]

two caverns, a city of Moab to the south of the Arnon, built, apparently, upon an eminence, and a place of some importance (Isa. 15:5; Jer. 48:3, 5, 34).

Horonaim [NAVE]

HORONAIM, a town of Moab, Isa. 15:5; Jer. 48:3, 5, 34.


(two caverns), a town of Moab, possibly a sanctuary, named with Zoar and Luhith. (Isaiah 15:5; Jeremiah 48:3,5,34)


HORONAIM - hor-o-na'-im (~choronayim]; Aronieim; in Jeremiah Oronaim, "the two hollows"): an unidentified place in the South of Moab. It is named in Jer 48:5. Isaiah (15:5) and Jeremiah (48:3) speak of "the way to Horanaim"; and Jeremiah (48:5) of the , "descent," or "going down" of Horonaim. Mesha (MS) says he was bidden by Chemosh to "go down" and fight against Choronem. Probably, therefore, it lay on one of the roads leading down from the Moabite plateau to the Arabah. It is mentioned by Josephus as having been taken by Alexander Janneus (Ant., XIII, xv, 4). Hyrcanus promised to restore it and the rest to Aretas (XIV, i, 4). There is no indication that in early times it was ever possessed by Israel. Buhl (GAP 272 f) thinks it may be represented by some significant ruins near Wady ed-Dera`a (Wady Kerak).

W. Ewing

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