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In Bible versions:

a man in Rome to whom Paul sent greetings
a pagan god known as a messenger of the gods and associated with eloquence

gain; refuge ( --> same as Hermes, Mercury)
gain; refuge ( --> same as Hermas, Mercury)

NET Glossary: a Greek god who (according to Greek mythology) was the messenger of the gods and the god of oratory (equivalent to the Roman god Mercury); he was the son of Zeus and the patron of travelers, herdsmen, merchants, and servants


Strongs #2057: Ermav Hermas

Hermas = "Mercury"

1) a Christian mentioned in Rom 16:14. According to tradition, he
was one of the seventy disciples, and afterwards bishop of
Dalmatia. (A.D. 55)

2057 Hermas her-mas'

probably from 2060; Hermas, a Christian:-Hermas.
see GREEK for 2060

Strongs #2060: Ermhv Hermes

Mercurius or Hermes = "herald of the gods"

1) a Greek deity called by the Romans Mercurius (Mercury)
2) a certain Christian

2060 Hermes her-mace'

perhaps from 2046; Hermes, the name of the messenger of the Greek
deities; also of a Christian:-Hermes, Mercury.
see GREEK for 2046

Hermas [EBD]

Mercury, a Roman Christian to whom Paul sends greetings (Rom. 16: 14). Some suppose him to have been the author of the celebrated religious romance called The Shepherd, but it is very probable that that work is the production of a later generation.

Hermes [EBD]

Mercury, a Roman Christian (Rom. 16:14).

Hermas [NAVE]

HERMAS, a Christian at Rome, Rom. 16:14.

Hermes [NAVE]

HERMES, a Greek Christian, Rom. 16:14.


(Mercury), the name of a Christian resident at Rome to whom St. Paul sends greetings in his Epistle to the Romans. (Romans 16:14) (A.D. 55.) Irenaeus, Tertullian and Origen agree in attributing to him the work called The shepherd . It was never received into the canon, but yet was generally cited with respect only second to that which was paid to the authoritative books of the New Testament.


(Mercury), a Christian mentioned in (Romans 16:14) According to tradition he was one of the seventy disciples, and afterward bishop of Dalmatia. (A.D. 55.)


HERMAS - hur'-mas (Hermas): An abbreviated form of several names, e.g. Hermagoras, Hermeros, Hermodorus, Hermogenes, etc.; the name of a Roman Christian to whom Paul sent greetings (Rom 16:14). Origen and some later writers have identified him with the author of The Pastor of Hermas, but without sufficient reason. According to the Canon of Muratori, the author of The Pastor wrote when his brother Pius was bishop of Rome (140-55 AD). He speaks of himself, however, as a contemporary of Clement of Rome (chapter 4) (circa 100 AD). The name Hermas is very common, and Origen's identification is purely conjectural.

S. F. Hunter


HERMES (1) - hur'-mez (Hermes): In the Revised Version margin of Acts 14:12 for "Mercury" in text (the King James Version "Mercurius").


HERMES (2) - (Hermes): The name of a Roman Christian, otherwise unknown, to whom Paul sent greetings (Rom 16:14). "Hermes is among the commonest slave names. In the household alone probably not less than a score of persons might be counted up from the inscriptions, who bore this name at or about the time when Paul wrote" (Lightfoot, Philippians, 176).

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