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Hazar Enan

In Bible versions:

Hazar Enan: NET NIV
Hazar-enan: NET NRSV NASB
Hazar-Enan: AVS TEV
Hazar-Enon: AVS TEV
Hazar-enon: NRSV
a town on the theoretical NE frontier of Israel (OS)
Google Maps: Hazar-enan (34° 13´, 37° 14´)


Strongs #02704: Nnye rux Chatsar `Eynan

Hazar-enan = "village of fountains"

1) a city on the northeast border of Canaan; same as 02703

2704 Chatsar `Eynan khats-ar' ay-nawn'

from 2691 and the same as 5881; village of springs;
Chatsar-Enan, a place in Palestine:-Hazar-enan.
see HEBREW for 02691
see HEBREW for 05881

Strongs #02703: Nwnye rux Chatsar `Eynown

Hazar-enan = "village of springs"

1) a city on the northeast border of Canaan; same as 02704

2703 Chatsar `Eynown khats-ar' ay-none'

from 2691 and a derivative of 5869; village of springs;
Chatsar-Enon, a place in Palestine:-Hazar- enon.
see HEBREW for 02691
see HEBREW for 05869

Hazar-enan [EBD]

village of fountains, a place on the north-east frontier of Palestine (Num. 34:9, 10). Some have identified it with Ayan ed-Dara in the heart of the central chain of Anti-Libanus. More probably, however, it has been identified with Kuryetein, about 60 miles east-north-east of Damascus. (Comp. Ezek. 47:17; 48:1.)

Hazar-enan [NAVE]

HAZAR-ENAN, the N.E. boundary point of the promised land, Num. 34:9, 10; Ezek. 47:17; 48:1.

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