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Hazar Susim

In Bible versions:

Hazar Susim: NET NIV
Hazazon Tamar: NET NIV
Hazezon Tamar: NET
Hazar-Susim: AVS TEV
Hazazon-Tamar: AVS TEV
Hazar-susim: NRSV NASB
Hazazon-tamar: NRSV NASB
a town of Simeon; early home of the descendants of Shime-i
an oasis town in the desert of Judah by the Dead Sea
Google Maps: Hazar-susim (31° 23´, 34° 56´); Hazazon-tamar (31° 27´, 35° 23´)


Strongs #02702: Myowo rux Chatsar Cuwciym

Hazar-susim = "village of horses"

1) a place in Simeon

2702 Chatsar Cuwciym khats-ar' soo-seem'

from 2691 and the plural of 5483; village of horses;
Chatsar-Susim, a place in Palestine:-Hazar- susim.
see HEBREW for 02691
see HEBREW for 05483

Strongs #02688: rmt Nwuux Chats@tsown Tamar or rmt Nuux Chatsatson Tamar

Hazezon-tamar = "dividing the date-palm"

1) an Amorite city
2) a town situated in the desert Judah; probably Engedi
3) maybe the 'Tamar' of Solomon's day

2688 Chatstsown Tamar khats-ets-one' taw-mawr'

or Chatsatson Tamar {khats-ats-one' taw-mawr'}; from 2686 and
8558; division (i.e. perhaps row) of (the) palm-tree;
Chatsetson-tamar, a place in Palestine:-Hazezon- tamar.
see HEBREW for 02686
see HEBREW for 08558

Hazazon Tamar [NAVE]

See: Hazezon-tamar.


AZARSHUAL; HAZAR-SUSA; HAZAR-SUSIM - ad'-ar; e'-nan; gad'-a; hat'-i-kon; ma'-veth; shoo'-al; su'-sa; su'-sim.



HAZAZON-TAMAR; AZARSHUAL; HAZAR-SUSA; HAZAR-SUSIM - ad'-ar; e'-nan; gad'-a; hat'-i-kon; ma'-veth; shoo'-al; su'-sa; su'-sim.



HAZAZON-TAMAR - haz'-a-zan-ta'-mar (chatsatson tamar; the King James Version Hazezon Tamar): "Hazazon of the palm trees," mentioned (Gen 14:7) as a place of the Amorites, conquered, together with En-mishpat and the country of the Amalekites, by Chedorlaomer; in 2 Ch 20:2 it is identified with EN-GEDI (which see); and if so, it must have been its older name. If this identification be accepted, then Hazazon may survive in the name Wady Husasah, Northwest of `Ain Jidy. Another suggestion, which certainly meets the needs of the narrative better, is that Hazazon-tamar is the Thamara of Eusebius, Onomasticon (85 3; 210 86), the Thamaro, of Ptol. xvi.3. The ruin Kurnub, 20 miles West-Southwest of the South end of the Dead Sea--on the road from Hebron to Elath--is supposed to mark this site.

E. W. G. Masterman

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