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In Bible versions:

Harodite: NIV
Harorite: NIV
a town and a spring

astonishment; fear
Google Maps: Harod (32° 32´, 35° 21´)


Strongs #05878: drx Nye `Eyn Charod

En-harod = "spring of Herod"

1) a camping place of Gideon and Israel near the hill of Moreh

5878 `Eyn Charod ane khar-ode'

from 5869 and a derivative of 2729; fountain of trembling;
En-Charod, a place in Palestine:-well of Harod.
see HEBREW for 05869
see HEBREW for 02729

Strongs #02733: ydrx Charodiy

Harodite = see Harod "trembling"

1) a resident or descendant of Harod otherwise unknown; two of
David's 37 guards, Shammah and Elika, called Harodites

2733 Charodiy khar-o-dee'

patrial from a derivative of 2729 (compare 5878); a
Charodite, or inhabitant of Charod:-Harodite.
see HEBREW for 02729
see HEBREW for 05878

Strongs #02033: yrwrh Harowriy

Harorite = "the mountaineer"

1) the title given to Shammoth, one of the warriors of David's guard

2033 Harowriy har-o-ree'

another form for 2043; a Harorite or mountaineer:-Harorite.
see HEBREW for 02043

Harod [EBD]

palpitation, a fountain near which Gideon and his army encamped on the morning of the day when they encountered and routed the Midianites (Judg. 7). It was south of the hill Moreh. The present 'Ain Jalud ("Goliath's Fountain"), south of Jezreel and nearly opposite Shunem, is probably the fountain here referred to (7:4, 5).

Harodite [EBD]

an epithet applied to two of David's heroes (2 Sam. 23:25). (Comp. 1 Chr. 11:27.)

Harod [NAVE]

HAROD, a spring or well by which Gideon and his army camped, Judg. 7:1.

Harodite [NAVE]

2 Sam. 23:25

Harorite [NAVE]

1 Chr. 11:27


(fear), The well of, a spring by which Gideon and his great army encamped on the morning of the day which ended in the rout of the Midianites. (Judges 7:1) and where the trial of the people by their mode of drinking apparently took place. The Ain Jalud is very suitable to the circumstances, as being at present the largest spring in the neighborhood.


(the same as Harodite) The, the title given to Shammoth, one of the warriors of David?s guard. (1 Chronicles 11:27)


HARODITE - ha'-rod-it (charodhi): Two of David's heroes, Shamma and Elika, are so called (2 Sam 23:25). Septuagint omits the second name. In 1 Ch 11:27, the first is called "Shammoth the Harorite," while the second is omitted. "Harorite" is a clerical error for "Harodite," the Hebrew letter daleth ("d") being taken for the Hebrew letter resh ("r"). Possibly Harodite may be connected with the well of HAROD (which see).


HARORITE - ha'-ro-rit.


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