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HEBREW: 2766 Mrx Charim
NAVE: Harim
EBD: Harim
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In Bible versions:

a chief of a division of priests serving in David's sanctuary
a priest leader of some who returned from exile with Zerubbabel
the forefather of certain men who put away their heathen wives
a priest who signed the covenant to keep God's law
an Israelite chief who signed the covenant to keep God's law

destroyed; dedicated to God


Strongs #02766: Mrx Charim

Harim = "dedicated"

1) a priest in the time of David who had charge of the 3rd course
2) head of a family of exiles totalling 1017 who returned with Zerubbabel
3) another head of a family of exiles totalling 320 who returned with
4) a priest in the time of Nehemiah
5) a ruler of the people under Nehemiah

2766 Charim khaw-reem'

from 2763; snub-nosed; Charim, an Israelite:-Harim.
see HEBREW for 02763

Harim [EBD]

flat-nosed. (1.) The head of the second course of priests (1 Chr. 24:8). (2.) Ezra 2:32, 39; Neh. 7:35, 42. (3.) Neh. 3:11. (4.) 12:3. (5.) 10:5

Harim [NAVE]

1. A priest, 1 Chr. 24:8.
2. An Israelite whose descendants returned from Babylon, Ezra 2:32, 39; 10:31; Neh. 7:35, 42.
3. The men who sealed the covenant, Neh. 10:5, 27; 12:15.


  1. A priest who had charge of the third division in the house of God. (1 Chronicles 24:8) (B.C. 1014.)
  2. Bene-Harim, probably descendants of the above, to the number of 1017, came from Babylon with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:39; Nehemiah 7:42) (B.C. 536.)
  3. It further occurs in a list of the families of priests "who went up with Zerubbabel and Jeshua," and of those who were their descendants in the next generation. (Nehemiah 12:16)
  4. Another family of Bene-Harim, 320 in number, came from the captivity in the same caravan. (Ezra 2:82; Nehemiah 7:35) (B.C. 536.) They also appear among those who had married foreign wives, (Ezra 10:31) as well as those who sealed the covenant- (Nehemiah 10:27) (B.C. 410.)


HARIM - ha'-rim (charim): A family name.

(1) A non-priestly family that returned from captivity with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:32; Neh 7:35); mentioned among those who married foreign wives (Ezr 10:31); also mentioned among those who renewed the covenant (Neh 10:27).

(2) A priestly family returning with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:39; Neh 7:42; 12:3,15 (see REHUM)); members of this family covenanted to put away their foreign wives (Ezr 10:21; Neh 10:5). A family of this name appears as the third of the priestly courses in the days of David and Solomon (1 Ch 24:8).

(3) In Neh 3:11 is mentioned Malchijah, son of Harim, one of the wall-builders. Which family is here designated is uncertain.

W. N. Stearns

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