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HEBREW: 1996 gwg Nwmh Hamown Gowg
NAVE: Hamon-gog
EBD: Hamon-gog
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In Bible versions:

Hamon-Gog: NET AVS TEV
Hamon Gog: NIV
Hamon-gog: NRSV NASB
a valley, (It means "hordes of Gog".)

the multitude of Gog


Strongs #01996: gwg Nwmh Hamown Gowg

Hamon-gog = "multitude of Gog"

1) the name to be given to a valley of graves; ravine or glen, now
known as 'the ravine of the passengers', located on the east side
of the Dead Sea

1996 Hamown Gowg ham-one' gohg

from 1995 and 1463; the multitude of Gog; the fanciful name
of an emblematic place in Palestine:-Hamogog.
see HEBREW for 01995
see HEBREW for 01463

Hamon-gog [EBD]

multitude of Gog, the name of the valley in which the slaughtered forces of Gog are to be buried (Ezek. 39:11,15), "the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea."

Hamon-gog [NAVE]

HAMON-GOG, another name for Hamonah, Ezek. 39:11, 15.


HAMON-GOG - ha'-mon-gog (hamon-gogh, "the multitude of Gog"): The name of the place where "Gog and all his multitude" are to be buried (Ezek 39:11,15). By a change in the pointing of Ezek 39:11, ha-`abharim for ha-`obherim, we should read "valley of Abarim" for "valley of them that pass through." In that case it would seem that the prophet thought of some ravine in the mountains East of the Dead Sea.

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