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Habergeon [EBD]

an Old English word for breastplate. In Job 41:26 (Heb. shiryah) it is properly a "coat of mail;" the Revised Version has "pointed shaft." In Ex. 28:32, 39:23, it denotes a military garment strongly and thickly woven and covered with mail round the neck and breast. Such linen corselets have been found in Egypt. The word used in these verses is tahra, which is of Egyptian origin. The Revised Version, however, renders it by "coat of mail." (See ARMOUR.)

Habergeon [NAVE]

HABERGEON, a part of the defensive armor of a soldier, Ex. 28:32; 39:23.
See: Breastplate.


a coat of mail covering the neck and breast. [ARMS, ARMOR]


HABERGEON - hab'-er-jun, ha-bur'-jun, the King James Version (tachara'): In the Revised Version (British and American), Ex 28:32; 39:23, etc., "coat of mail"; in Job 41:26, "pointed shaft," margin "coat of mail."


Also see definition of "Habergeon" in Word Study

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