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HEBREW: 1485 leb-rwg Guwr-Ba`al
NAVE: Gur-baal
EBD: Gur-baal
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Gur Baal

In Bible versions:

Gur Baal: NET NIV
Gur-Baal: AVS TEV
Gur-baal: NRSV NASB
a place inhabited by Arabs

the governor's whelp


Strongs #01485: leb-rwg Guwr-Ba`al

Gur-baal = "dwelling of Baal"

1) a place in which dwelt Arabians; probably lying between Palestine
and the Arabian peninsula

1485 Guwr-Ba`al goor-bah'-al

from 1481 and 1168; dwelling of Baal; Gur- Baal, a place in
see HEBREW for 01481
see HEBREW for 01168

Gur-baal [EBD]

sojourn of Baal, a place in Arabia (2 Chr. 26:7) where there was probably a temple of Baal.

Gur-baal [NAVE]

GUR-BAAL, a town between Canaan and Arabia, 2 Chr. 26:7.


GUR-BAAL - gur-ba'-al (gur ba`-al): The residence of certain Arabs against whom God helped Uzziah, king of Judah (2 Ch 26:7). Its mention immediately after the Philistines may have suggested the "Gerar" of the Targum. Association with the Meunim points to the East. It may be taken as certain that Jebel Neby Harun, near Petra, has always been crowned by a sanctuary. This may have been "the dwelling place of Baal"; or, accepting Kittel's emendation (Tur ba`al), "the rock" or "mountain of Baal." The Arabs probably dwelt in the region before the days of Petra (EB, under the word)

W. Ewing

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