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HEBREW: 687 rua 'Etser 5829 rze `Ezer 5827 rze `Ezer
NAVE: Ezer
EBD: Ezer
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In Bible versions:

son of Seir; the father of Bilhan, Zaavan and Akan
father of Hushah; a descendant of Hur of Judah;
son of Ephraim son of Joseph
chief of the Gadites who joined David in the wilderness
son of Jeshua; ruler of Mizpah; wall rebuilder
a priest who helped celebrate the completion of the wall

a help


Strongs #0687: rua 'Etser

Ezer = "treasure"

1) a chief of the Horites

687 'Etser ay'-tser

from 686; treasure; Etser, an Idumaean:-Ezer.
see HEBREW for 0686

Strongs #05829: rze `Ezer

Ezer = "treasure"

1) father of Hushah of the sons of Hur
2) a Gadite chief who fought with David
3) a Levite who aided in repairing the wall of Jerusalem in the time
of Nehemiah

5829 `Ezer ay'-zer

the same as 5828; Ezer, the name of four Israelites:-Ezer.
Compare 5827.
see HEBREW for 05828
see HEBREW for 05827

Strongs #05827: rze `Ezer

Ezer = "treasure"

1) son of Ephraim who was slain by inhabitants of Gath
2) a priest who helped at the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem
under Nehemiah

5827 `Ezer eh'-zer

from 5826; help; Ezer, the name of two Israelites:-Ezer.
Compare 5829.
see HEBREW for 05826
see HEBREW for 05829

Ezer [EBD]

treasure. (1.) One of the sons of Seir, the native princes, "dukes," of Mount Hor (Gen. 36:21, 27). (2.) 1 Chr. 7:21; (3.) 4:4. (4.) One of the Gadite champions who repaired to David at Ziklag (12:9). (5.) A Levite (Neh. 3:19). (6.) A priest (12:42).

Ezer [NAVE]

1. Called also Ezar, a Horite duke, Gen. 36:21, 27, 30; 1 Chr. 1:38, 42.
2. A son of Ephraim, 1 Chr. 7:21.
3. A priest, Neh. 12:42.
4. A man of Judah, 1 Chr. 4:4.
Perhaps identical with the Ezra of 1 Chr. 4:17.
5. A Gadite warrior, 1 Chr. 12:9.
6. A Levite, Neh. 3:19.


  1. A son of Ephraim, who was slain by the aboriginal inhabitants of Gath while engaged in a foray on their cattle. (1 Chronicles 7:21) (B.C. before 1491.)
  2. A priest who assisted in the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 12:42) (B.C. 446.)
  3. Father of Hushah of the sons of Hur. (1 Chronicles 4:4)
  4. One of the Gadite chiefs who fought with David. (1 Chronicles 12:8,9) (B.C. 1054.)
  5. One who aided in repairing the wall at Jerusalem; a Levite. (Nehemiah 3:19)


EZER - e'-zer (`ezer, "help"):

(1) A Horite chief (Gen 36:21; 1 Ch 1:38).

(2) A Judahite (1 Ch 4:4).

(3) An Ephraimite, slain by men of Gath (1 Ch 7:21).

(4) A Gadite who followed David while in exile on account of the wrath of Saul (1 Ch 12:9).

(5) One of those who under direction of Nehemiah repaired the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:19).

(6) A musician in one of the great companies appointed by Nehemiah to give thanks at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 12:42).

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