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HEBREW: 6278 Nyuq te `Eth Qatsiyn
NAVE: Eth Kazin
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Eth Kazin

In Bible versions:

Eth Kazin: NET NIV
Eth-Kazin: AVS TEV
Eth-kazin: NRSV NASB
a town on the border of Zebulun
Google Maps: Eth-kazin (32° 46´, 35° 19´)


Strongs #06278: Nyuq te `Eth Qatsiyn

Ittah-kazin = "time of the judge"

1) one of the landmarks of the boundary of Zebulun; site unknown

6278 `Eth Qatsiyn ayth kaw-tseen'

from 6256 and 7011; time of a judge; Eth-Katsin, a place in
Palestine:-Ittah-kazin (by including directive enclitic).
see HEBREW for 06256
see HEBREW for 07011

Eth Kazin [NAVE]

See: Ittah-kazin.


ETH-KAZIN - eth-ka'-zin (`ittah qatsin; the King James Version Ittah Kazin): A town on the eastern border of Zebulun, mentioned between Gath-hepher and Rimmon (Josh 19:13). The site is not identified. "Ittah" of the King James Version is due to misunderstanding of the Hebrew letter "he" locale.

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