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HEBREW: 5882 Mylge Nye `Eyn `Eglayim
NAVE: Eneglaim
EBD: En-eglaim
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In Bible versions:

En-eglaim: NET NRSV
En-Eglaim: AVS TEV
En Eglaim: NIV
Eneglaim: NASB
a town on the Dead Sea associated with En-Gedi (OS)

eye, or fountain, of calves
Google Maps: Eneglaim (30° 59´, 35° 29´)


Strongs #05882: Mylge Nye `Eyn `Eglayim

En-eglaim = "fountain of the two calves"

1) a place on the Dead Sea; site uncertain

5882 `Eyn `Eglayim ane eg-lah'-yim

5869 and the dual of 5695; fountain of two calves;
En-Eglajim, a place in Palestine:-En-eglaim.
see HEBREW for 05869
see HEBREW for 05695

En-eglaim [EBD]

fountain of two calves, a place mentioned only in Ezek. 47:10. Somewhere near the Dead Sea.

Eneglaim [NAVE]

ENEGLAIM, a place near the Dead Sea, Ezek. 47:10.


(fountain of the two calves), a place named only by Ezekiel, (Ezekiel 47:10) apparently as on the Dead Sea; but whether near to or far from Engedi, on the east or the west side of the sea, it is impossible to ascertain.


EN-EGLAIM - en-eg'-la-im, en-eg-la'-im (`en `eghlayim, "fountain of calves"?): In Ezekiel's vision of the waters it is one of the two points between which "fishers shall stand" (Ezek 47:10). The situation must be near the entrance of the Jordan into the Dead Sea (see EN-GEDI). Tristram (Bible Places, 93) identifies it with `Ain Hajlah (compare BETH-HOGLAH); Robinson (BRP, II, 489), with `Ain Feshkah.

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