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HEBREW: 5875 arwqh Nye `Eyn haq-Qowre'
NAVE: En-hakkore
EBD: En-hakkore
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En Hakkore

In Bible versions:

En Hakkore: NET NIV
En-Hakkore: AVS TEV
En-hakkore: NRSV NASB
a spring at Lehi in Judah

fountain of him that called or prayed
Google Maps: En-hakkore (31° 45´, 34° 58´)


Strongs #05875: arwqh Nye `Eyn haq-Qowre'

En-hakkore = "spring of One calling"

1) the spring which the Lord brought forth in response to Samson's
complaint of being thirsty after he had just killed 1000 men with
the jawbone of an ass

5875 `Eyn haq-Qowre' ane-hak-ko-ray'

from 5869 and the active participle of 7121; fountain of One
calling; En-hak-Kore, a place near Palestine:-En-hakhore.
see HEBREW for 05869
see HEBREW for 07121

En-hakkore [EBD]

fountain of the crier, the name of the spring in Lehi which burst forth in answer to Samson's prayer when he was exhausted with the slaughter of the Philistines (Judg. 15:19). It has been identified with the spring 'Ayun Kara, near Zoreah.

En-hakkore [NAVE]

EN-HAKKORE, a spring, miraculously supplied to Samson, Judg. 15:19.


EN-HAKKORE - en-hak'-o-re, en-hak-o'-re (`en ha-qore', "spring of the partridge"): Interpreted (Jdg 15:19) as meaning "the spring of him that called." So the Septuagint: pege tou epikaloumenou. The spring was in Lehi but the site is unknown.

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