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HEBREW: 5663 Klm dbe `Ebed Melek
NAVE: Ebed-Melech
EBD: Ebed-melech
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Ebed Melech

In Bible versions:

Ebed Melech: NET
Ebed-Melech: NET AVS NIV TEV
Ebed-melech: NRSV NASB
a man from Ethiopia; a eunuch who served King Zedekiah

the king's servant


Strongs #05663: Klm dbe `Ebed Melek

Ebed-melech = "servant of the king"

1) an Ethiopian eunuch in the service of king Zedekiah, through whose
interference Jeremiah was released from prison

5663 `Ebed Melek eh'-bed meh'-lek

from 5650 and 4428; servant of a king; Ebed-Melek, a eunuch
of Zedekeah:-Ebed-melech.
see HEBREW for 05650
see HEBREW for 04428

Ebed-melech [EBD]

a servant of the king; probably an official title, an Ethiopian, "one of the eunuchs which was in the king's house;" i.e., in the palace of Zedekiah, king of Judah. He interceded with the king in Jeremiah's behalf, and was the means of saving him from death by famine (Jer. 38:7-13: comp. 39:15-18).

Ebed-Melech [NAVE]

EBED-MELECH, an Ethiopian. Jeremiah rescued by, Jer. 38:7-13.
Prophecy concerning, Jer. 39:16-18.


EBED-MELECH - e-bed-me'-lek, eb-ed-me'-lek (`ebhedh-mekekh, "servant of the king" or "of (god) Melek"): An Ethiopian eunuch in the service of King Zedekiah, who interceded with the king for the prophet Jeremiah and rescued him from the dungeon into which he had been cast to die (Jer 38:7-13). For this, the word of Yahweh through Jeremiah promised Ebed-meleeh that his life should be spared in the fall of Jerusalem (Jer 39:15-18).

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