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HEBREW: 1746 hmwd Duwmah
NAVE: Dumah
EBD: Dumah
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In Bible versions:

son of Ishmael son of Abraham and Hagar
a town in the hill country of Judah
the country of Edom SW of the Dead Sea
Google Maps: Dumah (1) (31° 26´, 34° 58´); Dumah (2) (27° 23´, 37° 42´)


Strongs #01746: hmwd Duwmah

Dumah = "silence"

n pr m
1) son of Ishmael and most probably the founder of the Ishmaelite
tribe of Arabia

n pr loc
2) a town in the mountainous district of Judah, near Hebron
3) a mystical name of Edom indicating death and ruin

1746 Duwmah doo-maw'

the same as 1745; Dumah, a tribe and region of
see HEBREW for 01745

Dumah [EBD]

silence, (comp. Ps. 94:17), the fourth son of Ishmael; also the tribe descended from him; and hence also the region in Arabia which they inhabited (Gen. 25:14; 1 Chr. 1:30).

There was also a town of this name in Judah (Josh. 15:52), which has been identified with ed-Domeh, about 10 miles southwest of Hebron. The place mentioned in the "burden" of the prophet Isaiah (21:11) is Edom or Idumea.

Dumah [NAVE]

1. Son of Ishmael, Gen. 25:14; 1 Chr. 1:30; Isa. 21:11, 12.
2. A city of Canaan assigned to Judah, Josh. 15:52.


  1. A son of Ishmael, most probably the founder of the Ishmaelite tribe of Arabia, and thence the name of the principal place of district inhabited by that tribe. (Genesis 25:14; 1 Chronicles 1:30; Isaiah 21:11)
  2. A city in the mountainous district of Judah, near Hebron, (Joshua 15:52) represented by the ruins of a village called ed-Daumeh , six miles southwest of Hebron.


DUMAH - du'-ma (dumah, "silence"): This word occurs in the Old Testament with the following significations: (1) the land of silence or death, the grave (Ps 94:17; 115:17); (2) a town in the highlands of Judah between Hebron and Beersheba, now ed-Daume (Josh 15:52); (3) an emblematical designation of Edom in the obscure oracle (Isa 21:11,12); (4) an Ishmaelite tribe in Arabia (Gen 25:14; 1 Ch 1:30). According to the Arabic geographies this son of Ishmael rounded the town of Dumat-el-Jandal, the stone-built Dumah, so called to distinguish it from another Dumah near the Euphrates. The former now bears the name of the Jauf ("belly"), being a depression situated half-way between the head of the Persian Gulf and the head of the gulf of Akaba. Its people in the time of Mohammed were Christians of the tribe of Kelb. It contained a great well from which the palms and crops were irrigated. It has often been visited by European travelers in recent times. See Jour. Royal Geog. Soc., XXIV (1854), 138-58; W. G. Palgrave, Central and Eastern Arabia, chapter ii. It is possible that the oracle in Isa (number 3 above) concerns this place.

Thomas Hunter Weir

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