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GREEK: 2803 Klaudia Klaudia
NAVE: Claudia
EBD: Claudia
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In Bible versions:

a Christian woman of Rome

lame ( --> same as Claudius)


Strongs #2803: Klaudia Klaudia

Claudia = "lame"

1) a Christian woman

2803 Klaudia klow-dee'-ah

feminine of 2804; Claudia, a Christian woman:-Claudia.
see GREEK for 2804

Claudia [EBD]

a female Christian mentioned in 2 Tim. 4:21. It is a conjecture having some probability that she was a British maiden, the daughter of king Cogidunus, who was an ally of Rome, and assumed the name of the emperor, his patron, Tiberius Claudius, and that she was the wife of Pudens.

Claudia [NAVE]

CLAUDIA, a female disciple, 2 Tim. 4:21.


(lame), a Christian woman mentioned in (2 Timothy 4:21) as saluting Timotheus.


CLAUDIA - klo'-di-a (Klaudia): A member of the Christian congregation at Rome, who, with other members of that church, sends her greetings, through Paul, to Timothy (2 Tim 4:21). More than this concerning her cannot be said with certainty. The Apostolical Constitutions (VII, 21) name her as the mother of Linus, mentioned subsequently by Irenaeus and Eusebius as bishop of Rome. An ingenious theory has been proposed, upon the basis of the mention of Claudia and Pudens as husband and wife in an epigram of Martial, that they are identical with the persons of the same name here mentioned. A passage in the Agricola of Tacitus and an inscription found in Chichester, England, have been used in favor of the further statement that this Claudia was a daughter of a British king, Cogidubnus. See argument by Alford in the Prolegomena to 2 Tim in his Greek Testament. It is an example of how a very few data may be used to construct a plausible theory. If it be true, the contrast between their two friends, the apostle Paul, on the one hand, and the licentious poet, Martial, on the other, is certainly unusual. If in 2 Tim 4:21, Pudens and Claudia be husband and wife, it is difficult to explain how Linus occurs between them. See argument against this in Lightfoot, The Apostolic Fathers.

H. E. Jacobs

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