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GREEK: 2580 Kana Kana
NAVE: Cana
EBD: Cana
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In Bible versions:

a town of Galilee 14 kilometers NE of Nazareth

zeal; jealousy; possession
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Google Maps: Cana (32° 44´, 35° 20´)
Arts Topics: The Wedding at Cana


Strongs #2580: Kana Kana

Cana = "place of reeds"

1) a village in Galilee about 5 miles (8 km) NW from Nazareth

2580 Kana kan-ah'

of Hebrew origin (compare 7071); Cana, a place in Palestine:-Cana.
see HEBREW for 07071

Cana [EBD]

reedy, a town of Galilee, near Capernaum. Here our Lord wrought his first miracle, the turning of water into wine (John 2:1-11; 4:46). It is also mentioned as the birth-place of Nathanael (21:2). It is not mentioned in the Old Testament. It has been identified with the modern Kana el-Jelil, also called Khurbet Kana, a place 8 or 9 miles north of Nazareth. Others have identified it with Kefr Kenna, which lies on the direct road to the Sea of Galilee, about 5 miles north-east of Nazareth, and 12 in a direct course from Tiberias. It is called "Cana of Galilee," to distinguish it from Cana of Asher (Josh. 19:28).

Cana [NAVE]

Marriage at, John 2:1-11.
Royal official's son healed at, John 4:46, 47.
Nathanael's home at, John 21:2.


(place of reeds) of Galilee, once Cana in Galilee, a village or town not far from Capernaum, memorable as the scene of Christ?s first miracle, (John 2:1,11; 4:46) as well as of a subsequent one, (John 4:46,54) and also as the native place of the apostle Nathanael. (John 21:2) The traditional site is at Kefr-Kenna , a small village about 4 1/2 miles northwest of Nazareth. The rival site is a village situated farther north, about five miles north of Seffurieh (Sepphoris) and nine north of Nazareth.

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