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HEBREW: 949 Uuwb Bowtsets
NAVE: Bozez
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In Bible versions:

two rocky spurs with a pass between them

mud; bog
Google Maps: Bozez (31° 51´, 35° 17´)


Strongs #0949: Uuwb Bowtsets

Bozez = "surpassing white: glistening"

1) a rock formation near Michmash by which Jonathan approached
the Philistine troop

949 Bowtsets bo-tsates'

from the same as 948; shining; Botsets, a rock near
see HEBREW for 0948

Bozez [NAVE]

BOZEZ, a rock near Gibeah, 1 Sam. 14:4.


BOZEZ - bo'-zez (botsets; Bazes, probably from an obsolete root batsats, corresponding to the Arabic batstsa, "to shine" or "to ooze"): The name of the northern of the two cliffs that stand one on each side of the gorge of Michmash (1 Sam 14:4). It catches the sun during most of the day, while the southern cliff is in the shade. To this circumstance it may owe its name, "shining." "The contrast is surprising and picturesque between the dark coal color of the south side, and the ruddy or tawny tints of the northern cliff, crowned with the gleaming white of the upper chalky strata. The picture is unchanged since the day when Jonathan looked over to the white camping ground of the Philistines, and Bozez must have then shone as brightly as it does now, in the full light of an eastern sun" (Conder, Tent Work, 256).

W. Ewing

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