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In Bible versions:

Beth-jeshimoth: NET NRSV NASB
Beth Jeshimoth: NET NIV
Beth-Jeshimoth: AVS TEV
a town of Moab near the mouth of the Jordan River
Google Maps: Beth-jeshimoth (31° 46´, 35° 35´)


Strongs #01020: twmvyh tyb Beyth ha-Y@shiy-mowth

Beth-jesimoth = "house of the desolation"

1) a place in Moab given to the tribe of Reuben

1020 Beyth ha-Yshiy-mowth bayth hah-yesh-ee-moth'

from 1004 and the plural of 3451 with the article interposed;
house of the deserts; Beth-ha- Jeshimoth, a town East of the
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 03451

Beth-jeshimoth [EBD]

house of wastes, or deserts, a town near Abel-shittim, east of Jordan, in the desert of Moab, where the Israelites encamped not long before crossing the Jordan (Num. 33:49; A.V., "Bethjesimoth"). It was within the territory of Sihon, king of the Amorites (Josh. 12:3).

Beth-Jeshimoth [NAVE]

A place in Moab, Josh. 12:3; 13:20; Ezek. 25:9.
Called Beth-jesimoth, Num. 33:49.


BETH-JESHIMOTH - beth-jesh'-i-moth (beth ha-yeshimoth; Codex Vaticanus, Haisimoth; Codex Alexandrinus, Asimoth, and other variants (see DB, under the word)): Mentioned as the point in the south from which the camp of Israel stretched to Abel-shittim in the plains of Moab (Nu 33:49). In Josh 12:3 the way to Beth-jeshimoth is described as South of the Arabah, near the Dead Sea. It was in the lot assigned to Reuben (Josh 13:20), At what times and how long it was actually held by Israel we do not know; but it appears in Ezk 25:9 as belonging to Moab. It may be identical with Khirbet es-Suweimeh, where there are some ruins and a well, about 3 miles East of the mouth of the Jordan.

W. Ewing

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