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NAVE: Bereavement
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Bereavement [NAVE]

From God, Ex. 12:29; Hos. 9:12.
Mourning in, forbidden to Aaron, on account of his son's wickedness, Lev. 10:6; and to Ezekiel, for his wife, Ezek. 24:16-18.
Instances of
Abraham, of Sarah, Gen. 23:2.
Jacob, of Joseph, Gen. 37:34, 35.
Joseph, of his father, Gen. 50:1, 4.
The Egyptians, of their firstborn, Ex. 12:29-33.
Naomi, of her husband, Ruth 1:3, 5, 20, 21.
David, of his child by Bath-sheba, 2 Sam. 12:15-23; of Absalom, 2 Sam. 18:33; 19:4.
Resignation in
2 Sam. 12:22, 23; Job 1:18-21; Eccl. 7:2-4; 1 Thess. 4:13-18 See: Affliction, Consolation in; Resignation in.
See also Mourning; Resignation.

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