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Beacon [EBD]

a pole (Heb. to'ren) used as a standard or ensign set on the tops of mountains as a call to the people to assemble themselves for some great national purpose (Isa. 30:17). In Isa. 33:23 and Ezek. 27:5, the same word is rendered "mast." (See Banner.)

Beacon [NAVE]

BEACON, See: Ensign; Flagstaff; Standard.


A signal or conspicuous mark erected on an eminence for direction. (Isaiah 30:17)


BEACON - be'-k'-n. The translation of the Hebrew toren, which usually means "mast" (compare Isa 33:23; Ezek 27:5), but in Isa 30:17 being used in parallelism with "ensign" the meaning may be "signal-staff" (Isa 30:17 the American Revised Version, margin "pole").

Also see definition of "Beacon" in Word Study

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