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In Bible versions:

Baalath Beer: NET
Baalath-beer: NRSV NASB
Baalath-Beer: TEV
a town in the original territory of Dan
a town in the Negeb on the border of Simeon and Judah

a rejoicing; our proud lord ( --> same as Baale)
subjected pit
Google Maps: Baalath (1) (31° 55´, 35° 3´); Baalath (2) (31° 55´, 35° 3´); Baalath-beer (32° 2´, 35° 44´)


Strongs #01191: tleb Ba`alath

Baalath = "mistress"

1) a town in Dan

1191 Ba`alath bah-al-awth'

a modification of 1172; mistressship; Baalath, a place in
see HEBREW for 01172

Strongs #01192: rab tleb Ba`alath B@`er

Baalath-beer = "mistress of the well"

1) a town in the south part of Judah, given to Simeon, which also
bore the name of 'Ramath-negeb'

1192 Ba`alath B`er bah-al-ath' beh-ayr'

from 1172 and 875; mistress of a well; Baalath-Beer, a place
in Palestine:-Baalath-beer.
see HEBREW for 01172
see HEBREW for 0875

Baalath [EBD]

a town of the tribe of Dan (Josh. 19:44). It was fortified by Solomon (1 Kings 9:18; 2 Chr. 8:6). Some have identified it with Bel'ain, in Wady Deir Balut.

Baalath-beer [EBD]

Baalah of the well, (Josh. 19:8, probably the same as Baal, mentioned in 1 Chr. 4:33, a city of Simeon.

Baalath [NAVE]

BAALATH, a city of Dan, Josh. 19:44; 1 Kin. 9:18; 2 Chr. 8:6.

Baalath-beer [NAVE]

See: Baal, No. 4.


[BAAL, Nos. 3,4]


BAALATH - ba'-a-lath ba`alath; A, Baalon):between Shikkeron (Ekron) and Jabnoel unless, as seems probable, the suggestion of M. Clermont-Ganneau (Rev. Crit, 1897, 902) is correct that for har ( = "mount"), we should read nahar ("river"). In this case the border in question would be the Nahr rubin. Here there is an annual feast held--attended by all classes and famous all over Syria--which appears to be a real survival of "Baal worship."

(1) A town on the border of Dan (Josh 19:44) associated with Eltekeh and Gibbethon--possibly Bela`in.

(2) ("Mistress-ship"): A store city of Solomon, mentioned with Beth-horon (1 Ki 9:18; 2 Ch 8:6) and possibly the same as (1).


BAALATH-BEER - ba'-a-lath-be'-er ba`alath be'er "lady (mistress) of the well"; Josh 19:8 (in 1 Ch 4:33, Baal)): In Josh this place is designated "Ramah of the South," i.e. of the Negeb, while in 1 Sam 30:27 it is described as Ramoth of the Negeb. It must have been a prominent hill (ramah = "height") in the far south of the Negeb and near a well be'er. The site is unknown though Conder suggests that the shrine Kubbet el Baul may retain the old name.

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