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HEBREW: 966 qzb Bezeq
NAVE: Bezek
EBD: Bezek
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In Bible versions:

a town of Ephraim west of Beth-Horon (OS)
a town of Manasseh between Shechem and Beth-Shan (OS)

lightning; in the chains
Google Maps: Bezek (1) (31° 53´, 34° 57´); Bezek (2) (32° 22´, 35° 24´)


Strongs #0966: qzb Bezeq

Bezek = "lightning"

1) the home of Adonibezek, the place where Israel rallied under Saul

966 Bezeq beh'-zak

from 965; lightning; Bezek, a place in Palestine:-Bezek.
see HEBREW for 0965

Bezek [EBD]

lightning. (1.) The residence of Adoni-bezek, in the lot of Judah (Judg. 1:5). It was in the mountains, not far from Jerusalem. Probably the modern Bezkah, 6 miles south-east of Lydda.

(2.) The place where Saul numbered the forces of Israel and Judah (1 Sam. 11:8); somewhere in the centre of the country, near the Jordan valley. Probably the modern Ibzik, 13 miles north-east of Shechem.

Bezek [NAVE]

1. Residence of Adoni-bezek, Judg. 1:5.
2. A rendezvous of Israel under Saul, 1 Sam. 11:8.


  1. The residence of Adonibezek, (Judges 1:6) in the lot of Judah. ver. (Judges 1:3)
  2. Where Saul numbered the forces of Israel and Judah before going to the relief of Jabesh-gilead. (1 Samuel 11:8) This was doubtless somewhere in the centre of the country, near the Jordan valley. No identification of either place has been made in modern times.


BEZEK - be'-zek (bezeq; Bezek, Codex Vaticanus, Abiezek):

(1) The city of Adoni-bezek taken by Judah and Simeon (Jdg 1:4 f), in the territory allotted to Judah. It is somewhat doubtfully identified with Bezqah, about 3 miles Northeast of Gezer.

(2) The place where Saul marshaled his army before marching to the relief of Jabesh-gilead (1 Sam 11:8). Eusebius, Onomasticon speaks of two villages of this name 17 Roman miles from Shechem, on the way to Scythopolis. No doubt Khirbet Ibziq is intended. Here, or on the neighboring height, Ras Ibziq, a mountain 2,404 ft. above sea level, the army probably assembled.

W. Ewing

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