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NAVE: Baali
EBD: Baali
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my idol; lord over me

Baali [EBD]

my lord, a title the prophet (Hos. 2:16) reproaches the Jewish church for applying to Jehovah, instead of the more endearing title Ishi, meaning "my husband."

Baali [NAVE]

BAALI, an appellation of Jehovah, Hos. 2:16.


(Hosea 2:16) [BAAL]


BAALI - ba'-a-li ba`ali, "my master"): Baal, a common name for all heathen gods, had in common practice been used also of Yahweh. Hosea (2:16,17) demands that Yahweh be no longer called Ba`ali ("my Baal" = "my lord") but 'Ishi ("my husband"), and we find that later the Israelites abandoned the use of Ba`al for Yahweh.

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