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NAVE: Armor-bearer
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Armor-bearer [NAVE]

ARMOR-BEARER, an attendant who carried a soldier's equipment. Of Abimelech, Judg. 9:54; Jonathan, 1 Sam. 14:6, 7, 12, 14, 17; Saul, 1 Sam. 16:21; 31:6; Goliath, 1 Sam. 17:7; Joab, 2 Sam. 18:15.


ARMOR-BEARER - ar'-mer-bar'-er (nose' keli; Greek uses a phrase, ho airon ta skeue, literally "the one carrying the armor"): One who carried the large shield and perhaps other weapons for a king (1 Sam 31:4), commander-in-chief (2 Sam 23:37), captain (1 Sam 14:7) or champion (1 Sam 17:7). All warriors of distinction had such an attendant. Rather than perish by the hand of a woman, Abimelech called upon his armor-bearer to give him the finishing stroke (Jdg 9:54), and when King Saul's armor-bearer refused to do this office for him that he might not become the prisoner of the Philistines, he took a sword himself and fell upon it (1 Sam 31:4). David became Saul's armor-bearer for a time, and Jonathan's armor-bearer was a man of resource and courage (1 Sam 14:7). The shield-bearer was a figure well known in the chariots of Egypt and Assyria and the Hittites, his business being to protect his fighting companion during the engagement.

T. Nicol.

Also see definition of "Armor-bearer" in Word Study

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