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HEBREW: 568 hyrma 'Amaryah or prolonged whyrma 'Amaryahuw
NAVE: Amariah
EBD: Amariah
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In Bible versions:

a Levite (Hebron Kohath); founder of a sub-clan of Hebron
the chief priest, Amariah I; son of Marioth I; 1100 BC
son of Azariah II; chief priest under Jehoshaphat; Amariah II
a Levite temple assistant to Kore under King Hezekiah; 725 BC
son of King Hezekiah; 700 BC
an Israelite (Binnui) who put away his heathen wife; 458 BC
a priestly leader who returned with Zerubbabel 537 BC (NIVsn)
son of Shephatiah of Judah

the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord


Strongs #0568: hyrma 'Amaryah or prolonged whyrma 'Amaryahuw

Amariah = "Jehovah speaks" or "Yah(u) has promised"

1) Zadok's grandfather
2) a head priest's son in Solomon's time
3) a chief priest under Jehoshaphat
4) Hezekiah's son, great-grandfather of Zephaniah
5) a Levite in Ezra's time
6) a Levite under Hezekiah
7) a priest in Nehemiah's time

568 'Amaryah am-ar-yaw'

or prolonged tAmaryahuw {am-ar-yaw'-hoo}; from 559 and 3050;
Jah has said (i.e. promised); Amarjah, the name of nine
see HEBREW for 0559
see HEBREW for 03050

Amariah [EBD]

said by Jehovah. (1.) One of the descendants of Aaron by Eleazar (1 Chr. 6:7,52). He was probably the last of the high priests of Eleazar's line prior to the transfer of that office to Eli, of the line of Ithamar.

(2.) A Levite, son of Hebron, of the lineage of Moses (1 Chr. 23:19; 24:23).

(3.) A "chief priest" who took an active part in the reformation under Jehoshaphat (2 Chr. 19:11); probably the same as mentioned in 1 Chr. 6:9.

(4.) 1 Chr. 6:11; Ezra 7:3. (5.) One of the high priests in the time of Hezekiah (2 Chr. 31:15). (6.) Zeph. 1:1. (7.) Neh. 11:4. (8.) Neh. 10:3. (9.) Ezra 10:42.

Amariah [NAVE]

1. Two Levites, 1 Chr. 6:7, 52; 23:19; 24:23.
2. Chief priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat, 2 Chr. 19:11.
3. A high priest, father of Ahitub, 1 Chr. 6:11; Ezra 7:3.
4. A Levite, who assisted in distributing temple gifts, 2 Chr. 31:15-19.
5. Son of Hizkiah, Zeph. 1:1.
6. Father of Zechariah, Neh. 11:4.
7. A priest, returned from exile, Neh. 10:3; 12:2.
Probably identical with one mentioned in Neh. 12:13.
8. A returned exile. Divorces his idolatrous wife, Ezra 10:42.


(the Lord says , i.e. promises).
  1. Father of Ahitub according to (1 Chronicles 6:7,52) and son of Meraioth, in the line of the high priests.
  2. The high priest in the reign of Jehoshaphat. (2 Chronicles 19:11) He was the son of Azariah.
  3. The head of a Levitical house of the Kohathites. (1 Chronicles 23:13; 24:23)
  4. The head of one of the twenty-four courses of priest. (2 Chronicles 31:15; Nehemiah 10:3; 12:2,13)
  5. One of the sons of Bani in the time of Ezra. (Ezra 10:42)
  6. A priest who returned with Zerubbabel. (Nehemiah 10:3; 12:2,13)
  7. A descendant of Pharez. (Nehemiah 11:4)
  8. An ancestor of Zephaniah the prophet. (Zephaniah 1:1)


AMARIAH - am-a-ri'-a ('amaryah and 'amaryahu, "the Lord has said"; compare HPN, 180, 285). (1) A Levite in the line of Aaron-Eleazar; a son of Meraioth and grandfather of Zadok (1 Ch 6:7,52) who lived in David's time. Compare Zadok (2 Sam 15:27, etc.) also Ant, VIII, i, 3 and X, viii, 6. (2) A Levite in the line of Kohath-Hebron referred to in 1 Ch 23:19 and 24:23 at the time when David divided the Levites into courses. (3) A Levite in the line of Aaron-Eleazar; a son of Azariah who "executed the priest's office in the house that Solomon built" (1 Ch 6:10 f). Compare Ezr 7:3 where in the abbreviated list this Amariah is mentioned as an ancestor of Ezra. See AMARIAS (1 Esdras 8:2; 2 Esdras 1:2) and number (4) of this article (4) Chief priest and judge "in all matters of Yahweh" appointed by Jehoshaphat (2 Ch 19:11). Possibly identical with Amariah, number (3). (5) A descendant of Judah in the line of Perez and an ancestor of Ataiah who lived in Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile (Neh 11:4). Compare Imri (1 Ch 9:4) and number (7) of this article, which Amariah seems to be of the same family, (6) A Levite and an assistant of Kore who was appointed by Hezekiah to distributed the "oblations of Yahweh" to their brethren (2 Ch 31:15). (7) A son of Bani who had married a foreign woman (Ezr 10:42). See number (5) of this article (8) A priest who with Nehemiah sealed the covenant (Neh 10:3); he had returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel (Neh 12:2) and was the father of Jehohanan (compare Hanani, Ezr 10:20), priest at the time of Joiakim (Neh 12:13). Compare Immer (Ezr 2:37; 10:20; Neh 7:40) and also Emmeruth (the King James Version "Meruth," 1 Esdras 5:24). (9) An ancestor of Zephaniah, the prophet (Zeph 1:1).

A. L. Breslich

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