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HEBREW: 290 Uemyxa 'Achiyma`ats
NAVE: Ahimaaz
EBD: Ahimaaz
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In Bible versions:

father of Ahinoam the wife of Saul
a chief priest; son of Zadok I
son-in-law and food collection officer (Naphtali) of Solomon

a brother of the council


Strongs #0290: Uemyxa 'Achiyma`ats

Ahimaaz = "my brother is anger (wrath)"

1) father-in-law of Saul
2) Zadok's son who aided David during Absalom's rebellion
3) a supply officer of Solomon

290 'Achiyma`ats akh-ee-mah'-ats

from 251 and the equivalent of 4619; brother of anger;
Achimaats, the name of three Israelites:-Ahimaaz.
see HEBREW for 0251
see HEBREW for 04619

Ahimaaz [EBD]

brother of anger = irascible. (1.) The father Ahinoam, the wife of Saul (1 Sam. 14:50).

(2.) The son and successor of Zadok in the office of high priest (1 Chr. 6:8, 53). On the occasion of the revolt of Absalom he remained faithful to David, and was of service to him in conveying to him tidings of the proceedings of Absalom in Jerusalem (2 Sam. 15:24-37; 17:15-21). He was swift of foot, and was the first to carry to David tidings of the defeat of Absalom, although he refrained, from delicacy of feeling, from telling him of his death (2 Sam. 18:19-33).

Ahimaaz [NAVE]

1. Father in law of king Saul, 1 Sam. 14:50.
2. Son of Zadok, the high priest. Loyal to David, 2 Sam. 15:36; 17:17-20; 18:19-33; 1 Chr. 6:8, 9, 53.
3. Solomon's son in law, 1 Kin. 4:15.


(brother of anger).
  1. Son of Zadok the high priest in David?s reign, and celebrated for his swiftness of foot. During Absalom?s rebellion he carried to David the important intelligence that Ahithophel had counselled an immediate attack upon David and his followers. (2 Samuel 15:24-37; 17:15-22) Shortly afterwards he was the first to bring to the king the good news of Absalom?s defeat. (2 Samuel 18:19-33) (B.C. 972-956.)
  2. Saul?s wife?s father. (1 Samuel 14:50) (B.C. before 1093.)
  3. Solomon?s son-in-law. (1 Kings 4:15) (B.C. after 1014.)


AHIMAAZ - a-hi-ma'-az, a-him'-a-az ('achima`ats, perhaps "my brother is rage," or "brother of rage"):

(1) Father of Ahinoam the wife of King Saul (1 Sam 14:50).

(2) The son of Zadok the high priest (1 Ch 6:8,9,53). With his father he remained loyal to Dared in the rebellions both of Absalom and of Adonijah. With Jonathan the son of Abiathar he carried information to Dared when he fled from Absalom (2 Sam 15:27,36; 17:17,20). At his own urgent request he carried tidings to David after the death of Absalom (2 Sam 18:19 ff). He told the king of the victory, and also, through his reluctance to speak, informed him of Absalom's death. By his reluctance and his sympathy he softened a little the message, which the Cushite presently repeated more harshly.

That Ahimaaz did not succeed his father as high priest has been inferred from the fact that in the Solomon list of heads of departments (1 Ki 4:2) Azariah the son of Zadok is mentioned as priest. It is assumed that this Azariah is the one who appears in the genealogy as the son of Ahimaaz, and that for some reason Ahimaaz was left out of the succession. These inferences are not Justified by the record, though possibly the record does not absolutely disprove them. As the list stands it makes Zadok and Abiathar the high priests. Azariah and Zabud, the son of Nathan (1 Ki 4:2,5), are spoken of as holding priestly offices of a different kind. Ahimaaz may have died early, or may have followed some other career, but the simple fact is that we do not know.

(3) Ahimaaz, in Naphtali, was one of Solomon's twelve commissary officers (1 Ki 4:15), who married Basemath the daughter of Solomon. It is not impossible that he was Ahimaaz the son of Zadok, though there is no proof to that effect.

Willis J. Beecher

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