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Revelation 4

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in Revelation:

The Prologue
To the Church in Ephesus
To the Church in Smyrna
To the Church in Pergamum
To the Church in Thyatira
To the Church in Sardis
To the Church in Philadelphia
To the Church in Laodicea
The Amazing Scene in Heaven
The Opening of the Scroll
The Seven Seals
The Sealing of the 144,000
The Seventh Seal
The Angel with the Little Scroll
The Fate of the Two Witnesses
The Seventh Trumpet
The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon
War in Heaven
The Two Beasts
An Interlude: The Song of the 144,000
Three Angels and Three Messages
The Final Plagues
The Bowls of God's Wrath
The Great Prostitute and the Beast
Babylon is Destroyed
The Wedding Celebration of the Lamb
The Son of God Goes to War
The Thousand Year Reign
Satan's Final Defeat
The Great White Throne
A New Heaven and a New Earth
The New Jerusalem Descends
A Final Reminder

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