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Numbers 36

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in Numbers:

Organizing the Census of the Israelites
The Census of the Tribes
The Exemption of the Levites
The Arrangement of the Tribes
The Tribes on the East
The Tribes on the South
The Tribe in the Center
The Tribes on the West
The Tribes on the North
The Sons of Aaron
The Assignment of the Levites
The Numbering of the Levites
The Summary of Families
The Numbering of the Gershonites
The Numbering of the Kohathites
The Numbering of Merari
The Substitution for the Firstborn
The Service of the Kohathites
The Service of the Gershonites
The Service of the Merarites
Separation of the Unclean
Restitution for Sin
The Jealousy Ordeal
The Nazirite Vow
Contingencies for Defilement
Fulfilling the Vows
The Priestly Benediction
The Leader's Offerings
The Distribution of the Gifts
The Time of Presentation
The Tribal Offerings
Lighting the Lamps
The Separation of the Levites
The Work of the Levites
Passover Regulations
The Leading of the Lord
The Blowing of Trumpets
The Journey From Sinai to Kadesh
Judah Begins the Journey
Journey Arrangements for the Tribes
The Appeal to Hobab
The Israelites Complain
Complaints about Food
Moses' Complaint to the Lord
The Response of God
Eldad and Medad
Provision of Quail
Miriam and Aaron Oppose Moses
The Response of the Lord
The Intercession of Moses
Spies Sent Out
The Spies' Instructions
The Spies' Activities
The Spies' Reports
The Israelites Respond in Unbelief
The Punishment from God
Sacrificial Rulings
Rules for First Fruits
Rules for Unintentional Offenses
Deliberate Sin
Rules for Tassels
The Rebellion of Korah
The Judgment on the Rebels
The Atonement for the Rebellion
The Budding of Aaron's Staff
The Memorial
Responsibilities of the Priests
The Portion of the Priests
Duties of the Levites
Instructions for the Levites
The Red Heifer Ritual
Purification from Uncleanness
The Israelites Complain Again
Moses Responds
The Lord's Judgment
Rejection by the Edomites
Aaron's Death
Victory at Hormah
Fiery Serpents
The Approach to Moab
The Victory over Sihon and Og
Balaam Refuses to Curse Israel
Balaam Accompanies the Moabite Princes
God Opposes Balaam
Balaam Meets Balak
Balaam Blesses Israel
Balaam Relocates
Balaam Prophesies Again
Balaam Relocates Yet Again
Balaam Prophesies Yet Again
Balaam Prophesies a Fourth Time
Balaam's Final Prophecies
Israel's Sin with the Moabite Women
God's Punishment
The Aftermath
A Second Census Required
Total Number and Division of the Land
Special Inheritance Laws
Leadership Change
Daily Offerings
Weekly Offerings
Monthly Offerings
Passover and Unleavened Bread
Blowing Trumpets
The Day of Atonement
The Feast of Temporary Shelters
Vows Made by Men
Vows Made by Single Women
Vows Made by Married Women
Vows Made by Widows
The Midianite War
Campaign Against the Midianites
The Death of the Midianite Women
Purification After Battle
The Distribution of Spoils
The Petition of the Reubenites and Gadites
Moses' Response
The Offer of the Reubenites and Gadites
Land Assignment
Wanderings from Egypt to Sinai
Wanderings in the Wilderness
Wanderings from Kadesh to Moab
At the Border of Canaan
The Southern Border of the Land
The Western Border of the Land
The Northern Border of the Land
The Eastern Border of the Land
Appointed Officials
The Levitical Cities
The Cities of Refuge
Women and Land Inheritance
Moses' Decision

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