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Hosea 14

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in Hosea:

Symbols of Sin and Judgment: The Prostitute and Her Children
The Restoration of Israel
Idolatrous Israel Will Be Punished Like a Prostitute
The Lord's Discipline Will Bring Israel Back
Agricultural Fertility Withdrawn from Israel
Future Repentance and Restoration of Israel
New Covenant Relationship with Repentant Israel
Agricultural Fertility Restored to the Repentant Nation
An Illustration of God's Love for Idolatrous Israel
The Lord's Covenant Lawsuit against the Nation Israel
The Lord's Dispute against the Sinful Priesthood
Judgment of Pagan Idolatry and Cultic Prostitution
Warning to Judah: Do Not Join in Israel's Apostasy!
The Shameful Sinners Will Be Brought to Shame
Announcement of Sin and Judgment
The Futility of Sacrificial Ritual without Moral Obedience
The Prophet's Declaration of Judgment
The Oppressors of the Helpless Will Be Oppressed
The Curse of the Incurable Wound
The Lion Will Carry Israel Off Into Exile
Superficial Repentance Breeds False Assurance of God's Forgiveness
Transitory Faithfulness and Imminent Judgment
Indictments Against the Cities of Israel and Judah
If Israel Would Repent of Sin, God Would Relent of Judgment
Political Intrigue and Conspiracy in the Palace
Israel Lacks Discernment and Refuses to Repent
Israel Turns to Assyria and Egypt for Help
Israel Has Turned Away from the Lord
God Will Raise Up the Assyrians to Attack Israel
The Political and Cultic Sin of Israel
The Fertility Cultists Will Become Infertile
The Willful Donkey and the Wanton Harlot
Sacrifices Ineffective without Moral Obedience
Fertility Cult Festivals Have Intoxicated Israel
Assyrian Exile Will Reverse the Egyptian Exodus
No Escape for the Israelites This Time!
Israel Rejects Hosea's Prophetic Exhortations
The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
The Fertility Worshipers Will Become Infertile
Israel is Guilty of Fertility Cult Worship
The Lord Will Punish Israel by Removing Its Kings
The Calf Idol and Idolaters of Samaria Will Be Exiled
Failure to Learn from the Sin and Judgment of Gibeah
Fertility Imagery: Plowing, Sowing, and Reaping
Bethel Will Be Destroyed Like Beth Arbel
Reversal of the Exodus: Return to Egypt and Exile in Assyria
The Divine Dilemma: Judgment or Mercy?
God Will Restore the Exiles to Israel
God's Lawsuit against Israel: Breach of Covenant
Israel Must Return to the God of Jacob
The Lord Refutes Israel's False Claim of Innocence
Jacob in Aram, Israel in Egypt, and Ephraim in Trouble
Baal Worshipers and Calf Worshipers to be Destroyed
Well-Fed Israel Will Be Fed to Wild Animals
Israel's King Unable to Deliver the Nation
Israel's Punishment Will Not Be Withheld Much Longer
The Lord Will Not Relent from the Threatened Judgment
The Capital of the Northern Empire Will Be Destroyed
Prophetic Call to Genuine Repentance
Divine Promise to Relent from Judgment and to Restore Blessings
Concluding Exhortation

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